Monday, October 24, 2016

Advise PLEASE...

Most know I've always had just one horse. I'm unsure what if anything, I can do regarding Pippin & Merlins fighting when I'm nearby. 
They'll have only been together a week this coming Wednesday, I do understand their figuring out who's who in getting along. 
In the pasture the past few days, they've really begun to settle in nicely, grazing head to head, butt to butt, side by side. One naps while the other stands nearby, even in their shared stall they often choose to share the same feed bowl and pile of hay. I see them calmly walking together here and there. Sometimes running in sync. 
Yesterday after grooming them, was the first time they didn't fight when I was nearby. Though they wanted to during the grooming, with one tied they couldn't. Today they're back at it. It appears that Merlin the eldest and newest feels Pippin needs to stay away from me. Ear pinning, teeth bared, chasing, rearing, even dropping to his knees going at Pippins legs!  Pippin gets his licks in as well, backing into Merlin, biting, chasing...oddly though both position to double barrel, they merely hop their bums in the air with their hooves not connecting. Merlin seems much more determined to have me to himself. 
Both had come from places where they were the only Mini there. I know Pippin had been chased by the full sized horse geldings and ended up chasing them instead. Merlin had been put in with new boarders though, because he got on so well with others. Pippin, while taken care of, most likely didn't receive and abundant amount of human attention, while Merlin was the reverse. 
Poor Pippin is becoming afraid to approach me, though he so wants to. I'm thinking of carrying a crop along, I can ward off one, while loving on the other?
Please, I know most of you have multiples at home. What are your experiences?  Is this normal in the beginning? Is there anything I can or should do?  Don't be shy, I need comments on this. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spa day for the littles...

While I'd planned to hitch Merlin today, I ended up playing catch up inside for most of the day. Learned a valuable lesson in not getting behind in laundry. 
I did however give both Merlin & Pippin some spa time.
It's a bit difficult when they've been pretty possessive of who gets to be close to me.
 I tied Merlin & managed to keep Pippin at bay as he'd come in to harass Merlin with a quert. He tried several different maneuvers before finally just giving up & just chilling nearby till it was his turn.
Peace at last!
I left Merlin tied while Pippin had his turn. Mud season is right around the corner, both had their tails trimmed and braided. May not last long with their shenanigans though. 
Hubby bless him, is building a wind break on the end of their porch area. Both Mini's were all about offering assistance lol. 
With just one horse in the past it wasn't an issue. Now however, should one not wish to allow the other access to the run in area, at least he can be out of the wind. Hubby plans to add an opaque currogated plastic at the top.
For some reason after they're spa, they both were agreeable with me giving attention to the other. 
He's such a little squirt & that half blue eye always makes him appear to be up to something. 
Merlins expression is much softer & kinder. Of course, he's got more experience at life in general. And from what I was told, his past was filled with human attention. 
Hay there!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Not all bliss...

While the boyz do have their peaceful moments...
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

They even watch over one another...
Pippin catches a few Zzzzz's as Merlin grazes nearby. 
It's not always sunshine & rose filled moments between the two little Napoleons!  They both want to be big man on campus & Pippin being only 4 can be an annoying, bratty little twit. Oddly enough while they have separate feed bowls & I split their morning & evening hay into three piles, they nearly always choose to eat quite peacefully from the same bowl/pile!  
Most drama that I've witnessed involves who gets to be inside or on their porch area whomever is inside will chase the one entering out, same with the porch. After a few tiffs over turf, they do chill and nap side by side and groom one another. Another cause of arguing is my presence, they both want my attention & chase one another away for scratches. Hasn't helped that we've had nonstop rain the past few days, so it's not like the three of us are in the wide open. Pippin likes to back his bum into Merlin, Merlin likes to rear & bite. One benefit is Pippins biggest lip wart is gone!!!  For now anyway. 
We all have some adjusting & adapting to do. The boyz with one another, along with their new home. I have to adjust to two horses as I've always only had just one. Though they are miniatures, their still horses!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Happy boy, Happy Mini's...

A little rain can't dampen Lincoln's spirits, as soon as we pulled in after preschool off to the barn we went to meet Merlin...

Merlin is very well acquainted with small humans, kisses on his nose were no problem. 

Wasn't quite the hug fest Pippin received, as Pippin made sure he had Lincoln's attention as well...

And with the rain we were limited to the barn area, so no running about either. 

Lincoln did his best to attempt to convince me that "his" horsies should come in the house.  Keep in mind he just turned three!
He really works it, law school in his future???

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gone & did it...

Went to see a mini this morning, horse trailer in tow. I'd posted on several Ohio FB pages what I needed. Most replies were quite far off the mark, then finally one sounded like a good fit for us.  A 10 year old gelding, same size as Pippin, he'd been being used as a lesson horse for little riders at an equestrian center. The last few months however he'd been nearly jobless having given the wee ones the confidence to move up to larger mounts. He's also broke to drive, big bonus as even once the Grandkids outgrow riding him, he'll still be able to pull them in the cart. 
So Scooby, now to be known as Merlin has gone from jobless to having three jobs. One being Lincoln riding, secondly hubby driving, and probably most important of all...Pippins friend. 

I first put Pippin in the pasture, then unloaded Merlin so they could meet thru the fence safely. Pippin was so excited he was unsheathed, while running back and forth...

A little snuffling thru the fence...

After about an hour, I opened the gate and allowed Merlin into the pasture. Other than both galloping a circuit around the pasture, the meet & greet was pretty much a non-event...

They got right down to the business of eating...and being attached at the hip!

His owner had told me he gets along with pretty much everyone, when a new horse would come to the barn Merlin would be enlisted as its companion as it adjusted. 
His backstory is rather interesting, the person she'd bought him from had kept him tied in the yard for three years. He'd given her children rides, pulled cart & done pony parties. Prior to that he'd been in the petting zoo section of the Columbus Zoo.  
Would love to hear the stories he'd have to tell!