Thursday, March 23, 2017

Out of the mouths of babes...

Oh my, Lincoln has such a way about him and I so love how his mind works. He's very into birds and has his own "Ohio birds" book which he grabs whenever he spots a different bird. Keep in mind at 3 1/2 he doesn't read but has become quite familiar with navigating the book. If he can't find it, he simply makes up what kind it is (black pidgyota aka red winged black bird)
This afternoon when his Mom came to pick him up he'd just spotted a Red-bellied Woodpecker and ran for his book. His Mom asked "is that bird indigenous to Ohio Lincoln?"  Without hesitating or looking up from his book he answered, "no, it's indigenous to Gramma's road!"  😂😂😂😂
Normally Grampa arrives home just as the boys are leaving, Lincoln always sadly tells Grampa, "you missed all the fun."  Grampa came home early today, so Lincoln hung out with him in the kitchen...
Hubs on his computer, Lincoln has a notebook pen in hand..."we're paying bills Gramma. You know, so we can go to the zoo an stuff!"  Bed head as he'd just gotten up from his nap. 

Kardashian much?  Lincoln also changes species pretty frequently, often enough that his teachers will ask what/who he is when I drop him off.  Upon my return from NC, he became his cousin Kennedy for the day, hence the butterfly clip in his hair.  Lincoln refers to himself as an "awesome imaginator!" You really can't have a bad day when Lincoln is around. His teachers all agree.  
I so hope his imaginator never leaves him. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

lesson #4...

Today was best lesson so far, trainer agreed, lots of high fives after! Started out with me harnessing up on my own, a quick check, then off to the arena. 
The first 15 minutes or so were our normal, trainer with lead rope walking alongside. I was feeling really good & in sync with my pony.  Trainer only speakers when instruction is needed, lots of silence thruout today. 
 I'd just had the thought, "I wonder when she'll allow us to go on our own", when trainer turned and unclipped the lead!  I was "really", she replied "your ready!"  And off we went, I'm not sure why today felt so good, I was remembering how to check her speed, not allow her to set the pace, go deep into corners...  I did run over one cone LOL. Turned into a backing lesson, oops!  
Several times I thought, how odd to not be riding but, have that feeling of being connected!
We practiced a lot of stopping & standing, you all know how important a good whoa is. I even got a pic, her ears are back listening to me even!

Meet Suzy!  We're practicing just chilling while another student is hitching up for their lesson. Lines relaxed a long her sides puts her in neutral.  A big deal here as Suzy had to calmly stand, while her arch enemy Inca was lead beside and behind us. She thought several times of moving towards Inca but, with gentle reminders, she stayed put eventually cocking her hip just totally relaxed.  These two mares hate one another. 
As we moved off again, she was totally tuned in. We just drove around for quite a while after our hour, while Inca & he student worked. I'm only doing every other week as lessons are really quite $$. 
Hubs did great taking care of the boys in my absence, lovely visit with daughter & her family. While the weather sucked during my visit, it really didn't matter. Perhaps even added to the visit as we all just spent time together.  
I'd saved Jillians fave baby doll from her toddler days and took her along...
All snuggled in together ❤️

Friday, March 17, 2017

And a Happy Saint Patrick's Day...

While I'm away, the boyz will play. Being its Saint Patrick's Day, just gives them an excuse to party. Hmmmm, quite similar to my sons in many ways!
O'Pippins mane as usual,
 just suits his party frame of mind!  

O'Merlin I believe is watching for wee leprechauns in the mud. 
Happy Saint Patrick's everybody!  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gone visiting...

I left this mess in Ohio...

Off to North Carolina...

To do lots of this...
Reading to my dear sweet Granddaughter Kennedy 💞
She & my daughter Jillian Sykping with Lincoln & Jefferson. 

And of course the prerequisite horsey shirt from Gramma. They'll be moving to Japan in July, so such snuggles now are even more precious to me. Thankfully they'll be coming to Ohio for most of June before the big move. 
This visit is a much appreciated gift from my Hubs. While I'm here in chilly NC snuggling with Kennedy. He's back home taking care of the four leggers in single digit temps. Sorry hon, had no idea winter would start while I was away. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hay Chix review

Disclaimer, I'm not being paid for this review. In fact Hay Chix is unaware I'm even blogging about their products here.  I just feel if you come across something that works, frees up your time & benefits your horses, you should share the experience. 
I'll be leaving the Hubs in charge of the fourleggers next week while I head to NC to visit my Daughter & her family 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Hubs hasn't had to horse sit in several years & never in winter months. Meaning he's never wrestled with hay nets, that & he's clueless in tying proper knots. With the boyz, if it isn't tied properly as in out of their reach, the slow feed part becomes a free, all you can eat buffet. They simply untie and go to town. Don't ask how I know this. 
So to simplify things for Hubs, I ordered two of Hay Chix Free-Up Feeders...

Hubs got them mounted easily, great instructions & they have video on their site you can watch first.  I can take closer pix if anyone wants or you can go to the Hay Chix website. 
All I have to do its pull up the pin at the top, pull down front piece, dump hay in, close, push pin down & WALLA hay net done!!!  Seriously, why did I wait so long to get these?  I've wasted so much time for to many years wresting hay nets!
 I mean I've gotten pretty good at it, placing in clean muck bucket, folding sides over, filling, basically crocheting a long string of knots, takes about 5 minutes per bag except when your fingers are numb and the rope stiff from cold, then it's 10 minutes per bag. 
With these free-up feeders, it takes all of one minute if that & none of the wrestling!
Pippin: "Hay, this doesn't smell like my bag!  Never mind, it's food."

Merlin: "Hay, these holes shrunk!"

The boys came in, the noticed first off the nets didn't smell like their nets lol. Some snorkeling ensued, Pippin dug right in pretty quickly, he was a net pro from the get go. Merlin didn't like the holes being a tad smaller, he pawed a bit, just as he did when I first introduced him to nets in the fall. I pulled some hay thru & he settled right in. 
We might've hung them a tad higher but, that would've  meant Hubs adding a board to the stall wall, this would've meant the boyz wouldn't be able to even peak out when stalled. The areas I hang them are in the run in area,  out of the wind & keep their butts separated enough that kicking out doesn't ensue.  Neither are shod, the holes are 1 1/4 inches, so I doubt even their briny feet can get in a hole. 
Replacement string is also included in case of tearing, very sturdy, well made & you can special order hole sizes. These are Slow Feed size at 1 1/4". I have used their products before. Some readers may recall when our old neighbor would barnsit Camryn, I ordered Hay Chix Cinch Net for small bales it held an entire two string bale and was very easy to load, it simplified things for the neighbors as they only had to go over once a day to water and hard feed rather than filling the normal net thrice daily. Even with Camryn the full net lasted 72 hours, hers was the Slow Feed Extreme with 1" holes.   As the boyz can argue over food, I don't use it any longer. Anyone want to buy it? 😉