Sunday, August 21, 2016

After trailer runabout...

First off, you may recognize my able assistant... 

Hand him a muck rake & he's on a mission lol. With little Jefferson to care for as well, Lincoln isn't getting nearly as much mucking time as he'd like. It's difficult at best with two of them to watch, one being only 6 months. Jefferson is a happy boy but, sitting in his stroller while Lincoln & I appear & disappear in the stall is a bit much for him. I can't just wheel him in the stall without the risk of him wearing what Lincoln is scooping lol. He still lacks control with his aim. Hubs is going to cut back his rake handle to hopefully help. 

Today part of trailer practice included loading, moving the trailer then unloading on my own. It's one of my goals as while Camryn loaded well, it was a 2 person job. I have to lead her in, someone else had to remain at the back, then to do the butt bar before she backed herself right back out.
 Grace did awesome A+.  She's been loading with me standing outside and sending her in. Then stands allowing me to do the butt bar, she also waits till I ask her to unload. Once I unloaded her, then led her back in the paddock, she took off running & running & running. I'm pretty sure she had to make sure her neighbor donkeys were still there. A few time in the clip I lost her in the frame. Very difficult to see if I was focused on her with the sun behind her. That tail up, is she impersonating an Arabian?

Hubby is leaving for Canada in the morning, I'll be practicing loading outside the paddock, hoping that goes well. Plan to trailer her for our lesson on Wednesday. Hooves crossed!  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's that time again...

Nothing better than hay in the barn prior to winter...
Maizee thinks it's pretty nice too. I think she's picking her winter spot already. 
Unfortunately due to the drought, I was only brought 50 bales. He's not running out but, is low enough he doesn't want to be short handed should a customer find themselves in dire need. I do like how he takes care of the regulars, & his hay always being consistent. He even keeps several barns with different grades of hay. Came in quite handy while we figured out Grace's preference. Which of course is the pricier stuff. 
Also unfortunately I've been feeding a lot more hay this time of year. At first it was cease of Grace needing weight. Now, it's because the pasture became so dry she'd starve on it. We've had some rain causing it to begin to rebound thankfully. 
He does feel he won't have a problem making sure we'll have plenty prior to winter as we've had several decent rains recently. Still it makes me nervous. I know you totally understand Lytha. 
He also brings bags of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, whatever he has growing near the hay barns. Stuffed peppers coming soon. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lesson day for Grace...

I've been taking lessons again since spring, originally a private lesson. Then when Camryn was at the barn for sale, my neighbor girl joined us. She rode Camryn, while I rode a lesson horse. We continued our lessons together till today when her school year began. The plan was for me to regain my private lessons then.  I hadn't realized school had started today, my instructor had expected Grace to be with me. Oops!  
She thought a moment then said, let's go to your place!  I only live five acres away. Grace met us in the barn, trainer was "OMG, she's beautiful." We saddled her up and trainer began longing her to get a feel for her. She was surprised at how well Grace longed, Grace offered gaiting, trotting and cantering. Trainer noted she prefers going left, and suggested I work her more to the right...

After working her and making sure Grace was paying attention, trainer mounted up...

First thing she said was "OMG, she's smooth", lots of OMG moments, all good. 

Trainer smiled a lot. 

She loved my saddle, having never ridden treeless she was surprised at how comfortable it was. Once again she noted Grace preference for going to the left. And that Grace seemed to not understand being asked to turn! She was quietly asking for turns and could feel Grace was "getting it!"
Once again I have the feeling Grace was more a brood mare and either rusty, or green under saddle. 
My turn, Grace did great, best ride we've had, no arguing,thoughts of bucking, no rushing in turns. Now that I understood she wasn't sure, I was asking differently and she didn't feel she was being pressured. I think the ulcer supplement came into play as well. Did you know for instance one of the meridian lines for ulcers runs right where the girth lays?  
Trainer felt Grace was turning much better for me than she had for her. 
Her thoughts on Grace were that I'd picked a good one, that she was sound, sane, smart and easy to be around. She also mentioned that if Grace didn't work out, she could sell her in about five minutes LOL. 
My home work is to tack her up whenever I work her, even if not riding and work more often to the right. 
Next week, we'll trailer to her, not sure if Grace has ever been in an arena. We'll play it by ear. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Grace & her boy...

Wish Grace hadn't had her fly mask on in the header pic and the following pix I took today...

Definitely some bonding going on here. I often wonder why so many people generalize regarding little girls and horses. Little boys can adore them just as much...

To darn special for words ❤️  Lincoln loves her velvety nose, it really is the softest I've felt too.
Camryn was very good with Lincoln but, if carrots weren't involved she'd dismiss his attentions as so boring. Grace just stood there being worshipped for 20 minutes. 

She's been on the Gastric Aide three days now, a few things I've noticed, including not just that she had patience for Lincoln, she also seemed to enjoy it. Another is from day one, she's held her right leg up the entire bucket of hard feed. Yesterday, she brought it up momentarily, this morning she never held it up. She's not been all "feed me now d#*^ it, either last night or this morning either. Also haven't noted any weaving! 
Had the boys all day, then it began drizzling before I could work her. Haven't worked her since she started the supplement due to our much needed rain. Just as well, give her tummy a chance to really settle. 
I have given thought to some of her behavior possibly her being in season. As Camryn never showed any signs of being "in!"  I'm no pro at knowing. If next month despite the supplement she returns to the Grinch, I guess I'll know?

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Finally, we're having some healthy rainfall. We've had some the past few days but, only like 20 minutes a day at most. Today, it's been coming down all day, a few down pours, for the most part just nice and steady. It's actually hard for me to recall its ever being this dry in NE Ohio.  Our pasture and yard had become brown & crunchy. The humidity levels have been "tropical" according to the weather people, real feel in the upper 90's for several weeks. We've had several instances where storms could be seen headed our way that they've all broken up, or just blown on by. 
Grace has been spending the majority of her time hanging in front of the fans, munching hay. Today though, even though she's aware she has hay she's choosing to be outside. Started her gastric aide supplement a few days ago, we'll see what happens. She likes it, that's a good thing. 
What, you've hung hay? 

I'm good, thanks though. 

The clean up crew from next door rain or shine!  Love these girls, haven't had to clean the field or paddock all 
summer...  Do wonder why they didn't do this with Camryn though?

Lincoln talked Grampa into attaching the ladder to his top bunk. Gramma wasn't so sure however...

Up, up and away...

He volunteered two hours early for his nap lol
One happy little boy ❤️