Friday, May 25, 2012

Kittens, kittens who wants a kitten?...

Camryn here:
Well the little ones are about 6 weeks old now.  A few are avid explorers and visit with Onyx during the day once they've climbed down from the hay palace.  They can get down, but not back up yet.  Two have homes, another has a possible home. Mom did ask Dad today if she could keep one.  It's Mom's birthday today so her played that card.  Dad said only if Margaux found a new home.  Not to worry Margaux is staying.  She's also getting fixed next week.
Here are some pix Mom took of the rottens last night...
This is the one Mom wants to keep, it's a she.

Her has the cutest black tail and is quite independant...

Little Calico girl has a home lined up with one of Mom's work friends...

Ginger boy says that calico tastes just like chicken!!! 

Hogging the food bowl!

Grey tabby boy will go live with one of Mom's horse friends.  He'll have his own boy to sleep with

Can you tell that Ginger boy is a camera hog?  He manages to get in almost every picture! He still needs a home.  He's the most athletic.

I think their planning an attack on a sibling here

An attack in progress

Ginger needs some rest after all that play.  Gold head boy is looking for a way down.

These two boys are like frik n frak, where you see one the other is normally nearby

Gold head boy, also needs a home.  He's seems to have a quiet soul.

Take note: Margaux finds one of the few places where she can get away from the kids in the barn

She does love her kids, but even a wonderful Momma needs a break from time to time!


  1. Welllll, one could be yours you know!!!

  2. So adorable. I am currently avoiding the store today. Although I need groceries, they are having a pet adoption day and I am sure there are tons of cute kittens. The kids and I cannot possibly make it past without a kitten!

    1. You could always come get one of ours!!! Don't need to go to the store that way ;)

  3. All so adorable--too bad my cat, Thunder, is a one-cat cat. I would take the ginger one...