Friday, January 10, 2014

Corn no more...

Camryn here:
You might remember the cornfields at the back of my pasture from previous posts.  Well sadly the soon after Christmas some HUGE BEAST came along and ate it all up!!!  Yeah, I'm a bit tardy in posting this issue, shame on me...
It ate the corn all day, I was the unofficial supervisor.  I wasn't scared like with the hot air balloons.  But, did choose to supervise from the safety of my patio...

See what I mean bout being HUGE!!!  I'm not lying when I say the BEAST was as big as my barn almost either...

After a while being a supervisor gets boring so I took a nap while the HUGE BEAST ate...

All day and night the HUGE BEAST ate corn!!!

The shineing devil eyes I must say were intimidating.  It was eating even after I went to bed.  In the morning the field was bare, now when the winds hit, they hit hard and fast.  I missed the corn lots during that Polar Vortex we had.  So did Mom and my  kitties.  Mom said come spring another HUGE BEAST will most likely come and plant more though.  And once again Mom stayed in the warm horse and took zoom pictures.  WIMP


  1. We get those dragons round here too. Very mystical looking beasts when their eyes light up aren't they. They don't seem to bother with me much, too busy eating I guess and oh my they can eat.

    1. I know, wish I could plow down eating like that too

  2. That monster needs to eat a lot of corn for lunch, goodness me, it'll go straight to his hips! Hope they plant some more quick in case you need a quick munch ;-)

    1. Nope, they didn't plant till late spring last year. So I suppose I'll have to wait quite a while. Not that Mom'll let me have some anyway