Monday, October 15, 2012

Another update...

Camryn here:
     Guess I'll start with me first here.  Chiro came on Tues. Sherry met him here and held me for him.  I'm going to need at least one more treament in a month.  Dr. Tony told Sherry that he was able to stretch my hinds out with no resistance much further than ever.  He didn't spend much time adjusting cause I'm doing so good.  He showed Sherry what/why he did certain things, Sherry showed him what/why she does certain things on hooves.  Guess I was their show n tell!  Sherry just can't get over how she can tell visually how much better I am.
     K, now Grampa.  He's home from the horsepital, Dad drove his older sis Shirley down to stay with him till surgery.  He took Mickey dog back too, much to Mom's relief.  Mickey doesn't allow for a good nights sleep, she's one of those little yappies.  They're going to the Dr. on Wed. so we'll have a better idea (we hope) on what they'll be doing.  His lower Aortic valve is closed.
     Gramma stayed all last week, Mom took her to all sorts of places for all sorts of testing.  Good news is the cancer has not, I repeat has not gone into her bones.  Cartwheels everbody!  There were a few anomolies on the CAT scan, one being cysts on her liver (Gramma doesn't drink) but Dr. says cancer normally presents as nodules rather than cysts so while she's not worried they will be doing liver babysitting to watch.  Stead of Chemo which could kill Gramma they'll be doing hormone therapy treatments.  Gramma can stay home and they won't compremise her quality of life.  Gramma was thrilled to have the tests all over, till Mom reminded her that this was just the first round of tests.  Gramma was bummed till Mom helped her understand that from now on they should see the cancer shrinking.  Surgeon is holding off operating till they see how the hormone therapy is working.
     Maizee is gonna get fixed on Wed.  Margueax will be very happy to have a day off from being punked in someway by Maizee! Kinda bummed cause this means no baby kitties again in the barn SIGH
     Oh, I've been kinda on the back burner since all the Gramma/Grampa stuff began.  I'm getting fed, cleaned up after along with some quick hugs.  But no riding, not complaining mind you!

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  1. It all sounds like it's going the way it should with the framma/grampa stuff. The yappy dogs I have endless sympathy with you there. My human has two yappies, noisy little creatures they are.
    We are both being "rested" it seems.