Friday, January 25, 2013

It's ordered, it's ordered...

Camryn here:
So, about the saddle...Mom took and sent pictures of my back to Nickers Saddlery so they could see if they felt the saddle we wanted would work for me.  Got the thumbs up on that.  More emails, then phone calls about my needs, Mom's wants, sizing, colors, foam....You know all that boring stuff...

Once all that stuff had been decided, Kate at Nickers had picture of the saddle we want in the colors Mom chose and sent it us.  WOW, am I gonna be a fashionista or what.  Comfort and style to boot.  Those geldings I ride with are gonna be like "Humma, humma Camryn you be lookin good".  With my golden color, my burgandy Skito and this saddle, those boys won't know what hit em!  I asked Mom to print the picture to hang in my room to dream over.  I/we have never had a brand spanking new saddle that we actually got to choose the features in.  It's built for my comfort and Mom's too, that's the best of both worlds.  Mom told me bout the poron foam seat that will minimize her bounce at a sitting trot, something we'll both appreciate big time!

I'm so excited I can't wipe the smile offa my face! 
Gotta give kudos to Dad for saying "YES".  "Thanx bunches Dad you're the best non-horsey Dad a gurl could ask for."  And kudos to Nickers Saddlery too, we've heard soooo much good about their treeless saddles.  Mom's been drooling for one for like ever.  When Mom was researching she'd print stuff up, one thing she'd printed from their site showed a slightly differant price than on another page.  Mom noticed and pointed it out, of course they corrected the misprint right away BUT, they also gave Mom the saddle for the slightly lower price she'd found.  Now, that's exceptional I'm thinking. 


  1. Awesome! How long til it gets there?
    Love the Camryn pics :)

  2. Yipppppeeee can't wait to hear about your adventures in your new gear :-)

  3. Looks wonderful, very comfy for both of you.

  4. Thanks guys, I can't wait, the estimated ship date is March 1st. It's gonna be soooo comfy, I can almost feel it on my back alread!

  5. Looks a good piece of kit! Camryn will love that!

  6. Lovely saddle. I remember my Sensations (the western sport and the dressage I had) fondly with much love. The dressage was sold to eventually buy the TexTan that didn't fit either Mitch or Jet, and the Western Sport had to go to fix the fence line. I liked the saddles, treeless definitely was a whole 'nother world.

    Although in retrospect, I got rid of them just in time. I think part of what made treeless work for us was that Mitch was grossly overweight at the time (easily 100+ lbs according to the vet) and the right kind of shape for those saddles. When I finally did get the pounds shed off him, he started doing squirrely things under saddle like sidepassing and having other issues while going downhill. Back to treed it was.

    Shame though. Those were nice saddles, even if I didn't have them that long. Camryn seems a bit more padded (a lot more maybe, harhar) than the golden boy, so it'll probably work better for her.

    1. Yes, I am nicely padded ;) My back is also dippy, so even without my padding a treed would cause me issues. Mom's doing a countdown, 29 days till it ships!!!