Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just a posting fiend I guess...

Camryn here:
I've just been a posting fiend this week!!!  Guess sometimes I have more to share, and so far this year it's all good stuff.  Good vibes!
Some Gramma, Grampa news:  Gramma had good Dr. visit last week.  Oncologist said the cancer is "stable & improved".  Gramma sometimes comments about hoping she'll get to stop the meds soon.  They cause hot flashes along with aches n pains & being tired.  Mom explains to her that she'll be on these meds for 5 years and that maybe some of the aches n pains are part of being 80 years young, and maybe some of the tired is cause it's winter and the skies are gray.  The hot flashes though are all from the meds.  Still Gramma is in very good spirits and gets around better than lots of ladies her age.
Grampa is doing good post surgery, he's been in rehab where they're getting him fit to go back home.  Dad will be taking one of his sisters down to stay for a month when he's released.  They'll have a visiting nurse, & a physical therapist coming in a few times a week to help out.  His spirits aren't quite as good as Gramma's but, we understand that after heart surgery it isn't normal to have bouts of depression.  He's ready to go home in his mind, he doesn't like that his body isn't there just yet.  "Soon", Dad tells him "soon".
The weather isn't to good for peoples. Mom bundles up so much she's hard to recognize, hat pulled down, neck thing pulled up, heavy carhart coat and bibs, heavy gloves n boots.  She doesn't even move the same, kinda weeble wobbles, I'm like "you smell like Mom, could you really be her"!  Then she laughs and oncovers her face for me to see. Margeaux keeps trying to sneak in the house, Maizee is like me and doesn't mind the cold.  They've got a special heated pad in the barn to keep cozy on.  We've all got heated water buckets, which we all preciate lots.  I've been getting extra hay to keep my furnance burning too.  Mom does enjoy that my poop n pee are freeze dried making them much lighter to clean up.  The icey cold doesn't bother me none at all though, Mom laughs that I stand in the barn when the weather is hot, while at -7 I stand outside, backleg cocked, head down and sound asleep!  The neighbor horses have been being kept inside, I miss seeing them and I bet they'd prefer to nap outside like me!

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  1. Good to know that you don't mind the cold! I don't think Shy minds it either.
    Good news all around! This is looking to be a great year for you and fam!