Friday, June 28, 2013

Third time?...

Camryn here:
     They say "third time is a charm right?"  Cause we've now got our "third" closing date for the new house.  First was on the 11th, then the 21st, now it's this coming Monday.  Differance is this time they've even given us a time to sign all the papers.  Hope my hoof print will do on that!!!
     We've basically been living in limbo status!  Course that means vacation for me HA!  Mom has taken time off work, started that on the 21st.  She'd meant to be at the new place scrubbing, painting, watching over MY fence posts being put in, supervising electric/wiring for  MY barn, moving stuff and what not.  Since she can't yet do these things in our limbo state she's instead scrubbing walls, packing, & pruning getting ready for Grampa to live here. She's also getting things for the Grandfoal Shower in gear with her assistants.  And of course while I'm on vacation she's still providing more than adequate room service for ME!
     I'm really looking forward to the move, see it's been raining lots here.  Which means my pasture is flooded, my paddock muddy AND the barn aisle is muddy even!!!  It's worse than ever for this time of year.  My barn aisle has never been this bad.  Normally it's my dry spot, besides my stall.  Thank heavens that stays dry.  Mom has been letting me use the pasture despite the flooding since it's not like we'll be worried bout my big feets making it difficult to ride in any longer.  So even though it's wet, the grass is still tasty and I'm getting it mowed down pretty good in the mean time.
     The peoples that are selling the new place to us have been really nice.  Mom n Dad did a walk thru prior to the last supposed to be closing date.  They showed Dad all the septic stuff so's MY fence posts wouldn't cause any damage there.  They introduced Mom n Dad to the new neighbors, showed them all the shut off valves for outside faucets n stuff too.  Very helpful that is.  Course Mom n Dad are allowing them to hold a auction for all their stuffs they've stored in MY barn after the place is ours.  So being nice pays off in that respect.  Mom is going to the auction cause she has some neat horse decor (even though they didn't have a horse) and a rocking chair for the new Grandfoal to be rocked to sleep in too! 
There has been some discussion concerning MY covered patio on MY new barn.  Seems Dad thought MY covered patio was gonna be his!!!  Mom has pointed out to him how often he actually doesn't go to MY barn here!  And has agreed to allow Dad 1/4 of MY covered patio while I retain 3/4 to use as shade and shelter during my turnout.  She also suggested that maybe he could simply add a deck to the back on the 2nd floor.  This would serve to shade my stall window/door while giving Dad his space in MY barn!  Dad thought he'd like to do that even!
Anyhow all hooves crossed that Monday is THE DAY!


  1. Hooves crossed that 3rd time is a charm! I am ready for you to be moved in so we can get a tour of your new digs :)
    The rain here has been horrible, too.

  2. Yet another storm rolling in right now. Then another later today!!!

  3. hooves permanantly x'd here at the moment. I was wondering how you were doing and how that new grandfoal is coming along.
    Rocking chair + porch = happy humans. Happy humans = nice things for pretty haffies. That's my theory anyway,