Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hide n Seek, Ivy style...

Camryn here:
Lotsa dog stuff going on here.  Christopher is in Panama on a Army Support Mission, so while he be gone Ms. Emily is staying here. (for full effect you may want to biggify)
Emily gets on very well with our Cardi crew they play all sorts of silly games.  It's way fun to watch them...
Ivy: "Mmmmm, wonder where they be?"...

Ivy: "Do you see them yet Mom?"...

Ivy: "Uh Oh, Emily founded me"...

Ivy: "I Zoomie away really fast"...

Promise: "Which way did she go?"
Emily: "I don't know, let's go find her"...

Emily: "Promise come quick, I founded her"...

Ivy: "HA on you, I Zoomie away again"...
Ivy: "Gotcha Promise"
Promise: "Emily come help, the brat just slammed me"...
Emily: "We've got you now lil brat girl"
Ivy: "Mo-om, help me please they be tickling me"
Promise: Serves you right pouncing on me like that"...

Ivy: "Mom? Are they gone yet?"

See told you they was fun to watch!


  1. Fantastic fun!! Ivy we do declare that you have magnificent ears, they are nearly as perfect as mule ears :-)

    1. Yup I agree! Maybe our Cardigan ears is why Mom would want a

  2. Ivy those ears are amazing. Bet you can hear things from miles and miles away.
    I like watching woofies playing. Far too much energy for me to do.

    1. Oh yes indeed. Me n Promise always knows when something is up! I'm the most energetic of our crew for sure.

  3. So much fun!! I love to see Emily doing so well! And the Cardis are so cute :)

    1. Emily has no clue she's a tripod. Mom caught her scaling the pond waterfall!!!

    2. That is so awesome! Are you guys at the new house yet?
      And. . .I also nominated you for the fun little Liebster Award. Check it out back at my blog :)

  4. Looks like playtime "Chez Dougie." What fun!

    The only thing you are missing is a BIG black cat who likes to throw in a bit of buffalo hunting practice :) Strangely enough, my dogs tolerate this, probably coz they all became residents after the cat, so he rules.

    1. LOL, Maizee sometimes Zoomies with Ivy. Or AT Ivy!!!