Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mom sees red...

Camryn here:
     You guys may remember Grampa's little dog Mickey who comed to visit us several times last year?  Well, on account of his health Grampa gived Mickey to one of his daughters.  This daughter is down in WV with Grampa right now while we gets our new house bought and the old house ready for Grampa. 
     Sister wanted her hubby to come down and visit for a while.  Their car won't make the trip so Mom n Dad lended him one of ours.  They also said that Grampa didn't wanna see Mickey for some reason so they was leaving Mickey with us for the week.  Well, upon her husband picking up the truck and dropping Mickey off, Mom decided she was glad Grampa wasn't gonna see Mickey.  He'd have cried at the condition they had her in, as it was Mom was seeing red big time. 
     Mickey has a poodle coat being a Pekeapoo, and course this means she needs groomed and brushed regular like.  SIGH, Mickey hadn't been groomed proper since Mom took her to groomer last year, and we're pretty certain she hadn't met a brush either.  Along with that she hadn't met any toenail trimmers.  Her toenails was over an inch long, poor girl had hard time walking with them, they was so long they actually crossed over each other & her dew claws was curled right up to her leg!  Mom gotted her dremel out and got them back far enough to make her more comfy.  Her coat was beyond just matted, the mats was pulling her skin and making it hurt when she walked, she couldn't even jump on the couch cause the mats pulled on her joints when she tried.  She had poops matted to her bottom, and her girl parts it was like a matt diaper!!!  Dad said she looked like she had dread locks, Mom said she looked like she lived with some of those hoarders on
     Being a holiday weekend Mom had to wait to get her groomed proper, but she got down on the floor, and scissored the matts of poor Mickey for over 5 hours.  And get this Mickey never wiggled onced.  Dad was kinda poo pooing Mom's ranting about animal cruelty and neglect till she needed his help as she cleaned the matt diaper from Mickey's girlie parts.  His eyes bugged outa his head when he "finally" realized Mom's rants were for good reason.  Yesterday Mom got her into her groomer friend, they gived her a bath and trimmed her down proper (she's naked actually).  The groomer is at Vet office Mom used to work for, so they can and did sedate Mickey to get her nails to where they need to be.
     Dad talked to his sister who had tons of excuses, "the groomer closed, I tried to cut the mats, she wouldn't let us, we didn't think she was that bad" kind of excuses. (Mom googled area groomers, there are 5 of them)  
"They didn't notice?  A poop, pee smelling, filthy, matted miserable  in pain little dog in their laps and they didn't notice?" 
 Dad told her to save her excuses and that she'd be lucky if Mom didn't tear her out a new A##% hole when she sawed her next.  Dad also warned her husband that if he saw Mom when picking Mickey up that he'd better be wearing body armor.  The husband tried to get Dad to just leave the keys so he could pick her up when Mom's at work even!  Mom is "NO WAY" I'm gonna drop kick the SOB!  She plans to let him know that she'll be keeping tabs on Mickey and if she ever even gets a sniff of neglect she will take Mickey AND report them too.
     The Sister & her husband aren't mean, they are just STUPID, LAZY & IGNORANT.  They can't even claim they works to much to groom her right, cause they live off the government and watch soap operas all day.  Oh, and it turns out that "they found Mickey's brushes" at Grampas on this visit.  Which of course means that they never even bothered to get the tools to take care of her.  They also only brought enough food for a few days when Mickey is here for a week.  So course on top of payin for Mickey to get cleaned up, we had to buy her food too!!!  Guess they figured with three dogs we'd have enough.  We do but, not same kind Mickey eats.  Mom also gotted Mickey all caught up on her vaccinations so they wouldn't have no excuse as that a groomer wouldn't take her cause of not having them.
     Mom is given them another chance for several reasons, one being Grampa gave her to them, and of course we gots enough animals without taking her.  Mickey also doesn't really fit in with our critter crew at all either.  Our dogs think she's very odd (she is) and she acts like other dogs gots cooties!
     Sorry to go on like this but, just something I had to get offa my chest and vent over.  On a good note, Mom n Dad picked me a load of hay yesterday.  Right now they're just gonna be doing it in small bunches stead of loading this barn, then having to move it when we move.


  1. Oh poor Mickey, very glad that your Mom got her sorted out.... the lack of care of some humans really does amaze. Grrrr we understand your frustration!

    1. Can you imagine what my stall would be like if people like that had me???

  2. There is a big difference in missing out grooming for a few days and what you found. That didn't happen overnight. Poor wee doglet. I feel your wrath hope your mom gives 'em hell.

  3. She plans to remind them that a judge wouldn't listen to excuses! If Mom hadn't cleaned her up, Doc woulda reported it. Mom just couldn't stand seeing Mickey like that for even a day though.

  4. How terrible! I can't imagine letting an animal get that bad. Are they blind?
    It makes it even harder that it is family....

    1. Not blind at all, just severaly lacking in anything similar to common sense and/or logic

  5. I nominated you for an award:)