Friday, May 17, 2013

Boring human stuff...

Camryn here:
Well, since Mom did take pix specially for me of (waiting apprasial) the new place, guess it's only fair if I show you guys the boring human part of it...
The front yard, Mom doesn't much like split levels but, it's got everything her wanted/needed (like my barn) so she's OK with it.  She finds the placement of some of the trees unatural and odd.  So expect them to have shrubs n flowers with them come fall if I know my Mom.
The front porch where Mom can watch the cows.  Mom's gonna be moving lots of her flowers over since keeping up with all her flower beds will be way to much for Grampa.  Come next spring it'll be so purty.

This is Mom's kitchen, she finds it odd that the oven/fridge are side by side but, maybe in five years she'll redo it.  The counter tops are outdated, but again in five years she'll change them.  Lots to do and kitchens being so spensive to redo it'll do nicely while she does other less pricey stuff.

This is the family room with Dad checking out the fireplace.  Mom's gotta get rid of the ugly fugly deer hunting border first thing. The deer hunting theme border is in almost every room!!! This'll be the most used room for Dad!

This be the guest bath, it's roomy and needs some updating too. My stuff comes first however.

The living room, Mom says the ugly fugly window covering going bye bye.  The owner is camping as she moves things out!  With this house having more space than our current she'll be furniture shopping for this room and the dining room too. Afer she does my stuff first of course.

This be the Master bedroom, again ugly fugly border going bye bye

Mom says this is gonna be the guest bedroom, on account of the ugly fugly border n carpet will mean they don't stay long hee hee.  The other bedroom isn't as ugly so her's gonna use that for Gramma's staying for Dr. visits.

Oddly enough Mom tooked picture of Dad sitting in the family room via the laundry room.  The laundry room is huge so her's gonna make it her art work area too. She can get pretty messy working on paintings.

Ahhhhh, this last one is Mom's favorite part of the house.  She can look out her bedroom window and watch me in my dining area. 
  The plan is once the closing happens is Mom'll go strip the ugly borders, clean, & paint.  While she's doing this guys'll be running the electric n water to my barn, while other guys put in the dogs fence and mine.  As she gets rooms done, Dad'll moving stuff room by room as he gets our current house readied for Gramma.  Lotsa Mom n Dad teamwork will be in play.  Mom figures she's gonna have to take coupla weeks offa work to Get R Done.
There be more boring room pictures but, like I say they be boring so I won't make you suffer thru any more of those.


  1. Cute! Of course Camryn's stuff comes first, that is only natural :)

    1. For sure my stuff comes first. I'm special ;)

  2. Wow what a wonderful stable your humans are getting. But I love love love your new barn. The patio is just awesome, the dining room is amazing and being higher up will that help keep the pesky midgets away?

    1. I so hope I'll be leaving the midges behind. Mom's really hoping leaving our soggy, wooded place will help me lots.

  3. Now that is looking good! Well done Camryn!