Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gramma & house stuff...

Camryn here:
Yesterday was Gramma's appointment with Oncologist.  Just like the surgeon a few weeks ago she couldn't feel the cancer.  She says if they did surgery  they'd still most likely find active cancer there.  But, the meds be working so if Gramma didn't want surgery "yet" they'd let it go and continue baby sitting.  Since the cancer isn't being life threatening to Gramma right now & surgery very well could be, Mom gave Gramma the thumbs up to make the call.  Gramma of course voted for no surgery :)  She'll now be seeing the Oncologist every 4 months, she'll keep her surgeon appointment for next month, then most likely see her once a year after that.  Oncologist says if the meds stop working, they'll try a differant one if Gramma is still not wanting surgery.  Gramma's age is taken into consideration being 81 n all the surgery could be just as if not more dangerous at this point since the cancer is under control.  Oncologist has seen these meds help for 6 months and up to 6 years.  So that's real good news and we all be happy.  Gramma most of all.
Yesterday afternoon Mom n Dad made offer on the house.  The lady came back with what she say be her final offer.  This final offer of hers was not a significant drop and considering she hadn't even bothered with stripping deer head wall paper borders and putting up fresh coat of paint, Mom doesn't consider the lady to be particulary motivated to sell.  Even the ladies realtor seems to feel the lady has issues with control. Mom n Dad sent back a counter so we'll have to see if the lady motivates herself a little.  It appears the house was part of her divorce settlement, Mom has a feeling the lady wants to get even with her X by getting top dollar.  Well, her top dollar is more than we be willing to go up to considering updates be needed.  The bank most likely wouldn't appraise at her price either, sooooo even if Mom n Dad agreed with her price the bank would/could nix it so hopefully she'll get reasonable and take the new offer.  Otherwise Mom n Dad will walk away and continue shopping & the lady will still be trying to sell her empty house for top dollar.  Mom says whichever happens is what's meant to be.


  1. Go Gramma what a gal xx
    Hooves X'd for the house

  2. Yeah Gramma is awesome. We'll know more bout the house later on Friday I guess.