Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Neigh n Bray-bors...

Camryn here:
Today Mom, Dad n da realtor lady all met up with some inspector guy at the new place.  Something bout making sure the house was up to snuff, testing for radon, black mold n other stuffs.
I told Mom since I wouldn't get to meet my upcoming Neigh n Bray-bors, I'd like to at least see what they look like...
 These are the Bray-bors, they live right next door, our fences won't touch they be real close by.  They've also got a big fat goat buddy (he was in the run in) a bunch of chickens and three BIG dogs.  The dogs are contained by one of those invisible fence thingies which Mom don't like or trust.  Mom tried to meet the Bray-bors, they was curious n comed to the fence, but soon as Mom was at the fence they both took off running.  Guessing Mom will be tempting them with carrots.  The darker one needs his feet taken care of pretty bad.  Not elfish or anything that real horrid but, still they need taken care of, Mom be guessing he's skittish and needs teaching for his feets to be done.  Oh, they have 5 kids too, the lady said her one daughter LOVES horses and will be thrilled to have me next door...
 This Neigh-bor, along with 3 or 4 others lives an acre away.  Just bout same distance and my current Neigh-bors.  I wondering if they be geldings maybe.  Sure hope so ;)...
These guys live cross the street, they didn't like Mom being paparazzi and wandered out of camera before Mom cold get good picture.  Would they be called Moo-bors?  There are tons of them over there, Mom said something about them looking very cute yet tasty! They've also got least three spotted Bray-bors, one being a babyee.  Realtor lady said she saw more Neigh-bors there too, Mom didn't see them yet...
Iffen you biggify this one you'll see two barns.  The one in the left corner is a smallish boarding/training barn.  Mom saw a Mare with a buckskin foal by her side as she drove down the road in one of their pastures.  The big long white building right beside it is a HUGE boarding/training barn.  They gots like 40 or more  horses there.  Mom n realtor saw several galloping thru their pasture but, they was to fast n far away for Mom to get pix.  Maybe they gots handsome gelding boys there?  Mom found their website and asked if there were any nearby trails we could access without trailering.  They've got 22 acres of trails BUT only for their boarders.  Mom's gonna ask about lessons there and maybe we can use the trails if we do they be our teachers?  I'm getting kinda excited bout the move!  Almost as excited as Mom n Dad are.  I'm sure Mom'll bore you on another post with pix of the human side of the new place no hopefully more of my new barn too.


  1. Wow! Lots of bray and neigh-bors! Looks like like its gonna be a great place to move :)
    Hope the inspection went well!

  2. Gosh! What nice new neighbors!

  3. Oooooh how wonderful it looks. You're a lucky girl.

  4. Yeah, horse fiends, how cool!! Congrats!!

  5. How exciting, loving the neighbrayhood gang, you're gonna love it!