Monday, August 19, 2013

goings on...

Camryn here:
Sorry no pix, been lots going on though.  Mom's got this round of Grampa's stuff unpacked, there'll be another round coming after labor day though!!!  Grampa is now installed in his new house and seems to be liking it & me too!  Mom says he can't come in my paddock on account of his vertigo he'd be easy to tip over without my meaning to do it.  He comes down and feeds me grasses from the yard, Margeaux be doing lots of lap sitting on the patio with Gramps, Maizee is warming up to him little by little.  Mom is of course coming three times a day for me, & visits with Gramps.  Today she's gonna help him burn brush he's wanting burned. 
Mom says she "thinks" it's about two weeks out before me n my cats make the move to the new place.  Dad had a hard time figuring out how he wanted to brace the corners of my fence.  Then figuring out how to do it onced he'd decided.  Once he's got those done the dog fence will be made bigger and my paddock will get done.  He's got one gate up, drilled thru the concrete floors in the barn to place the supports for my stall, got all the lumber for it, & the no climb fence for my paddock.  The electric for my barn has been updated, is now all up to code, and runned from the house.  Have water in my new barn now too!!!  Oh, and he graduated from his college with a new degree, he's a smart guy and of course now has more time to do all these things.   Mom's gotted my pasture all sprayed for weeds, though on particular invasive weed just won't die. It's in my current pasture too, but not as bad since it's all shady there.  She's been trying to clear the flower beds of weeds, seems there be no flowers left but, so much weeds she's just gonna do some round up and start fresh there.  The gas to her dryer been hooked up so now she can do her washing at home stead of when she's at Gramps.
The gurls next door are driving their Momma crazy with "when is the neighbor horse coming" questions.  These girls are horse crazy in a big way, they don't walk or run thru their yard, they canter n gallop everywhere they go.  They have jumps set up and they either jump em themselves or jump one of their dogs pretending he's a horse.  Their Mom says the other dogs all run when they see the leash cuz they know they've gotta be a horse.  Only Dozer the Golden is game for their horsey games.  The youngest did her first horse show over the weekend and was laying in wait for Mom coming out of the house so she could show her her 1st place ribbon.  Guess she was the only entry in the walk/trot in hand class and that she tripped & fell under the pony she was using.  The pony stepped on her arm but, she was OK and was up and riding for the next class. Her Mom says the ribbon was most likely a glad your OK kinda ribbon :).   I'm gonna like that girl, she's a tough cookie.  Dad just laughs and imagines what Mom was like as a little girl when he see's Kaley comin cantering across the yard, Mom is in love with her.  Kaley is already asking if she can clean my bedroom!!!  All the neighbor kids are really nice (5 of them) but, Mom see's a kindred spirit in little Kaley, she's like 7 years old and a wee little thing.


  1. Wow, lots of exciting stuff going on! Can't wait until you're installed in your new homes, sounds like you got some exciting neighbours to play with!

  2. It all sounds like it's going according to plan. Lots to look forward to.

  3. It's great to read of all of the progress being made. I'd much rather be reading it than trying to do all of those jobs!

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