Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moving progress...

Camryn here:
Hi everbody, sure did miss you whilst we awaited cable hookup which finally happened :)
While I'm still at the old place along with Momma Margeaux n Miss Maizee, room service arrives pretty pretty promptly thrice daily for which I am very happy & content. 
Mom, Dad & the dogs have all moved to the new place, progress is being made towards Me n the Cats making the move...
See the truck?  It's depositing my fence posts!!!

Kinda hard to see but, there be hundreds of fence posts laying on the ground just waiting to be pounded in.  The guys in the back are discussing best way to do this without disturbing my shady tree.  Unfortunatly one of the guys must be a newbie, they only gotted one fence pounded when they had a problem.  Seems the guy didn't see a stump sticking over 1 1/2 feet out of the ground and he runned it over.  Hydralic system was punctured, soooooo they'll be back out Monday to finish the job.  Hopefully no more fence pounding crisis and they'll Get R Done.


My water n electric are also being installed n hooked up.  That be Jim putting some pipe in the trench he just dugged up.  He's hoping to have it all roughed in Monday, so the inspector can come to make sure it's all done right.  Mom's so excited bout the progress in the pasture and keeps me updated daily.
Funny thing happened the day they moved the furniture to the new place.  Dad's brother-in-law n nephew came to help.  They loaded up the trucks and flat open trailers with furnitures, drove down the highway to the new place and began unloading.  Mom, George n Elliot are in the gargage when Mom sees little legs walking amongst the tables.  Seems Margeaux was on a scouting mission to tell the other four leggers bout the new place.  She'd hitched a ride hidden in the furniture!!!  She was only tad shaken up by her adventure and very happy to hear and see Mom when she unloaded herself.  She did give us all a thumbs up on the new place after she'd checked it out.  Her n Maizee are gonna miss the flower bed jungles but, Mom promised to work on that for them.
Ivy is having a bit of problems adjusting I hear.  See, she was borned in the old place, so this is really hard for her (suppose it will be for Maizee who was borned in my barn too),  So, she's unsure about appropriate potty places.  Oddly she just doesn't like walking in the grass in the new yard!  She goes out on the patio thinks about going in the grass then decides not too.  Mom has to go out to call her into the yard for Ivy to walk out to do her business.  Mom has decided Ivy needs a Pottying Outside 101 class.  Perhaps the carpet in the house just feels better on her feets?  Mom thinks not!  The dogs have a small temporary fenced area till they have a proper fenced yard.  So, hopefully late next week, they'll have a roomier area and she'll not feel like she's walking on her own pee?  Mom cleans the poos right up so that's not an issue. 
Baby Shower pix to come soon,


  1. Looks like a wonderful place there gurl!

    1. I sure hope she likes it here. I know I can't wait to see her here SIGH

  2. Yay! Can't wait til you get moved in. Looks like you will have a lovely pasture. I hope you can keep your shade tree.

    1. Me too, I'll have my covered patio, but still I'm so used to trees in my wooded pasture this is gonna be differant but, me thinks in a good way.

  3. All sooo exciting! Hooves crossed for your big move :-)