Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some stressed, some not so much...

Camryn here:
The move is stressing some of the four leggers a bit, some not so much...
Margeaux is in a very stressful state "NOT"!!!  She thought the mattress in the truck bed was put there just for her pleasure.  Silly girl had a bath while the other truck was being loaded up...

Tye is a bit confused by it all.  The dogs was all outside while Mom n Dad put the couch, TV n stuff in the foyer for the night.  Mom knowed Tye would be baffled about "his" couch vanishing from it's normal spot.  So she put some pillows down just for him.  Poor old guy, he's 16 1/2 years old, a tad senile, partialy blind n deaf, he just couldn't figure it out.  Circled for over 10 minutes till he founded the pillows, sighed and curled up for his next 8 hour nap.  Not to worry, if he'd have been truly bothered, she'd have showed him the pillows and/or put him on the couch...

Emily as you can see wasn't stressed at all and found the couch soon as she came back in.  Ivy n Promise did too.  Emily has been a houseguest while Chris is away on Army business.  Her stress is that she's not home but, she stays here often enough it's her home away from home I guess.
Me, I'm like totally unstressed, so long as I gots my foods, waters, and fly spray I'm cool!  Did get my pedicure/manicure yesterday, maybe next time I'll be in my new barn and will get my spa on my patio!!!


  1. Stay chilled Camryn, hopefully the others will follow your lead. Happy moving!

  2. It is interesting to see how animals react to the turmoil of moving... or even just packing for vacation.