Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Moo excitment...

Camryn here:
Today Mom went and got a small load of hay to replace the lost in flood stuff.  Stead of bringing it direct to me here, she took it to the new place.  Just in case we gets floods again, she'll bring it here on an as needed basis.  Anyhow, as she's unloading my hay she notices the five cute little heifers cross the road have a new rather large friend.  Mom's first thought is "mmmm, the heifers a a bit young for breeeding", second thought is "S***, he's not in the fence". 
Yup, a big ol honkin bull is casually strolling down the road!!!  Guessing he stopped to check out the girls?  So Mom hops in the truck to head over and meet the new neighbors.  She has to wait though cause Mr. Bull stops at our driveway!  Mom remembers seeing videos of Bulls not taking kindly to vehicles, and being her truck is kinda red she wanted to give him his space.  After he moseyed on a bit she drove over, two men came outta the barn pointing to the Bull.  Mom hops out of the truck and says "I see you noticed you have a stray".  They said they'd hoped it was her bull!  When she left they was making calls to find out who he belonged too.  They'd sold a young bull to a neighbor a while back that was similar in coloring (dark copper) and hoped that's who he was.  Maybe he wanted to visit his Mom?  In the meantime Mr. Bull had found the fenceline with the main herd and was quite content chewing his cud and figuring out a way in with them. 
Sorry no pics, Mom explained it just wasn't a good time to stop n take pics.  Probably good thinking just in case Mr. Bull didn't like Paparazzi right!!!
I'll be posting kinda hit n miss for a while.  They be moving stuff in the new place, working on things there, then getting things ready to move and working here, so on and so forth.  Don't know why I said "they" cause mostly it be "Mom" since Dad keeps having to travel and when he's not on the road, he's catching up with college stuff.  He'll be done with school after next week, Mom is totally thrilled bout that.  Seems I'll be staying put at least till mid August SIGH.  The fence post peoples can't give a concrete date for the posts, though good news is they can/will do the job.  Seems most don't want to set just posts, and those who will charge like a trillion dollars a post!!! 


  1. Wow good job your Mom was careful with that Bull, we're always a bit careful of them, they is big.... happy and safe weekend to you!

    1. Yeah, Mom does think once in a while hee hee