Friday, July 5, 2013

Margeaux & Promise stuff...

Camryn here:
Mom's gotta take a 1/2 day break from the new house on account of Margeaux having a boo boo.  She became three legged lame so off to the Vet her goes.  Oddly enough it's a year to the day when she had that bad bite that required surgery!!!  This is yet another bite that while it doesn't require surgery it abcessed and needs drained.  Mom's gonna pick her up later once she's woked up from sedation.  Poor Margeaux, Dad hopes that she won't get in so much trouble at the new place.  And whoever says barn cats are inexpensive, well they a. don't have Margeaux or b. don't take em to the Vet!!!  Good thing is she's gonna be OK though.
Now on to Promise...
Ahhhh yes, the face of an innocent girl isn't it
This morning it be raining "as usual", Mom calls the dogs in from their duties.  Towel in hand to wipe down their paws n bellies.  Being Corgis their bellies do get quite wet when it rains.  So as her wipes Promise belly...Promise goes "UGGH GAG" and upchucks.  Not just any upchuck mind you.  Seems she'd just killed then gulped down a CHIPMUNK but, hadn't quite got it down.  So when Mom rubbed her tummy, up it came.  Yep, Mom nearly upchucked too, she made the same noises Promise made as she barfed it.  I'm soooo glad I wasn't there since I can't barf and all, cause it woulda made me sick too.  Imagine an entire large still warm Chipmunk with a big bite would coming outa your dog onto the rug, right by your foot!!!  Feel like barfing now too?


  1. Oh... yuck! Thanks for providing such a nifty image!! LOL

  2. Gross!!
    Glad Margeuax is gonna be okay though!

  3. Oh yuck, that's errrrm gross!

    Whoever said barn cats were cheap doesn't own one.... we got one of those too! Hmmm. Hope she feels better soon :-)

    1. She's doing much better. Though Mom has yet to figure out how to soak a cats foot!!! That parts not going so good

  4. Yuk! I'm glad my dogs are too lazy to catch anything bigger than a mouse - they just wait for the cats to catch bunnies & then abandon them.

    Poor Margaux, nasty bites must hurt. Rather than soaking, could it not be bandaged with something like Animalintex? If Margaux will keep a bandage on, it should serve the same purpose as soaking & make your mom's life a bit easier, coz she must be feeling very stressed.

    If that won't work, the trick is to wrap the cat up VERY tightly in a big towel & leave the injured limb sticking out. You then get an assistant (aka DAD) to hold the towel really hard while the injured limb gets treated. When done, release towel & RUUUUUN!

    You can tell I've been there, can't you?