Monday, July 1, 2013


Camryn here:
Finally, the papers are signed on the new place.  YIPPEE, after this week I know I'm gonna appreciate dry pasture.  Probably gonna be at least a month before I make the move while Mom n Dad get things readied for them too.
Uh Oh, fence peoples just called, they be behind cause of all the rains.  My fence posts wouldn't be done for 2 months!!!  Soooo, Mom's gonna be on the phone all day shopping for new fence peoples cause I don't wanna wait that long SIGH  Dad be traveling lots so doesn't have time for the posts, mmmmm he may have to make time I'm thinking!


  1. Yay!!! Can't wait for the big move :) Congrats to Mom and Dad! So very exciting for all of you.

  2. Lucky you, well will be when you finally get there. Boring things like posts preventing you moving just not acceptable. Go Mom give posty peoples some grief.

  3. Excellent news!!! So pleased, after all that waiting that porch with a view will soon be yours :-)