Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mom is feeling rode hard...

Camryn here:
Mom is feeling rode hard n put away wet, it's not even my fault!!!  I'm being kinda neglected, my needs are being met but, other than that Mom breezes in does her thing then she's gone again.
First thing in the morning she takes care of us four leggers, then she's off to the new house.  Around 2ish she comes to give me lunch, fly spray me, clean my room, fill my water, a quick pet and she's gone again.  Oh, she takes care of the dogs then too, plus maybe does some dishes.  It's almost my dinner time when I see her truck pulling in again.
So far she's vaccumed the house, scrubbed the laundry room walls, pulled out all the stuff from past pictures that had been hung (tons of those), spackled over those holes, let them dry, sanded, respackled...  She's started painting the laundry room (it's big) and hopes to have it done tomorrow, then off to the next room. 
The guy who be running my electric n water connections to the barn came out.  He'll write up his quote then we'll have that done after the 13th.  The old owner is having an auction of all her stuffs stored in the barn on the 13th.  The peoples Mom had lined up for fence posts are booked up now over 2 months out, sooooo Dad might have to squeeze doing that himself.  He's not just working all day but, gots college too, that'll be over on the 23rd thankfully.  Oh, the old owner is coming tomorrow to organize more for her auction.  Mom's hoping she has the sense not to bring her little grandkids, not that Mom doesn't like kids.  But, she doesn't plan to have kids running in and out of the new house while she works. 
Oh, and the new house has "fleas", one hopped on Mom while she was painting.  Where there be one there be a million, so she's now gotta bomb the house.  She says better finding out now than after our dogs move in!!!
The new Mr. & Mrs. D. stopped in to see the new place and really liked it.  Samantha really enjoyed parking her pregger self on the porch and watching the cute cows out front :)
Well, just a forewarning, posting & reading blogs are going to be scattered at best.  Sorry guys


  1. All of the hard work will be worth it... one day everyone can relax on the front porch (of the house and the barn!)

  2. Busy busy! Dreaming is right, it will be worth it :)