Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Everything...

Camryn here:
Had a wonderful day(s), Mom's family came over for a Christmas Eve feast and gift stuff.  Dad worked really hard playing Santa Grampa for Grandfoal...

Grandfoal gotted two of this thingie, one for his house, one for ours too...

Adam & Ashley even came from Alaska via Skype. That helped Mom lots.

Grampa got Grandfoal started on a tradition....He can't play with it yet of course but, by the time he can he'll have a good collection started.

Lots of books for Grandfoal, Noni The Pony, Tex an several other horsey adventures...

Jillian's honey Jesse gets some practice for an elf of his own someday even...

Jillian practices "elf feeding" too...

Emily helped Mom from missing Tye.  Tradition had it that Tye helped everyone unwrap gifts.

Down in the barn Margeaux N Maizee got nice snuggly beds.  Margeaux knew right away what these were for!

Not overly fond of the elf hat thing, but....

It did net me a net filled with hay Christmas morning!  Lots of yummy snack-a-roo stuff too!  Santa knows the way to my heart is thru my belly after all!!!

Lots of Horse-felt wishes for all


  1. Looks like a great Christmas for everyone!

    1. Yeah and with all my treats it just keeps on going :)

  2. You looks great in that hat Camryn! Our human insists on dressing us up all silly too.... not sure why! Anyhow looks like you had a great and busy time at your place :-)

    1. I don't get the dress up thing either. The dogs n cats don't have to do it.

  3. Aww, looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!