Sunday, December 22, 2013

Where'd it go???

Camryn here:
Mom says that here in Ohio if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes cause it's sure to change...
She's very right, one day I'm standing on the patio in a Winter Wonderland...

Then it's this!!!!  SIGH, least I gots my nice dry patio!!!  They'd been told this place doesn't flood!!! "WRONG", my patio n barn are dry though.  Dad is planning some trenching and drain pipes come summer time to keep my dryer next year. 
Meanwhile in the house...
Grandfoal explains how a smartphone works to Dad aka Grampa
Later they take a snooze together.  Biggify to read Lincolns shirt, to cute.
Grampa aka Dad needed some help with diaper changing (reason for both having differant clothes on during their snooze.  Poor Mom she laughed so hard at Dad she nearly peed herself even!!!  Mom was downstairs when she heard Dad calling for her that Lincoln had pooed.  She runs up to see Dad holding a near naked Lincoln up over the diaper change table.  Dad didn't realize that Lincoln wasn't quite done yet when he removed the diaper.  Soooo, Mom had to clean Lincoln's bum midair as he continued on with his business (he had a lot of business).  While this was going on, Lincoln peed all over Dad!!!  Dad goes to put him down on the changing table "on the dirty diaper", Mom stopped this.  Dad then began backing away from the table, with poo still being produced Mom stopped this too.  She told Dad to deal with it till she got it done, course she was hard to understand as she was laughing/crying at the same time!  Poor Dad, he gotted baptised good!!!
Later on Mom n Jillian went to play "Say Yes to the Dress".  Yep, they went wedding gown shopping.  Jillian n Jesse are in town for the holiday, they met Jillians StepMom along with two of Jillian's bestest buds at the Wedding Gown store.  Jillian only planned to narrow down the style she liked best with their help.  But, as fate would have it Jillian found "THE DRESS".  So exciting, her and the dress was a perfect match, sorry no pix cause what if Jesse for some reason looked at my blog and ruined the "groom doesn't see the dress till the wedding?"  No date set yet since Jesse be a Marine and their not sure where they'll be moving to next year.


  1. Too funny about Lincoln and Dad! Bet he won't be changing diapers any time soon. . .

    1. Dad's still doing it. Though he did somehow manage to get the next diaper on backwards!!! Chris was impressed not just cause he keeps trying but, cause it's more difficult to attach em backwards!!!

  2. Hahahaha that poop story is so funny.... tehehe we're not laughing at Grampa, hmm maybe a little sorry ;-) Looks like you've been having a busy festive time, hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

  3. I'm not laughing at Grampa either, honestly I'm not. Can't say the same for human though. Wee Lincoln is growing so fast. I do so love your patio. Been an interesting year hasn't it?