Thursday, October 2, 2014

Foggy big time...

Camryn here...
We lives at the top of a big hill, 
Who knew that being high up meaned when it's foggy, it's big time foggy?  We knew it bout mountains, not so much bout hills. 
Mom picks up Lincoln at his house when it's still dark out. This morning she could barely see beyond her headlights. Good thing she headed out early so she could take it slow. 
After sun was up the fog lifted some. I didn't feel much like being in the pasture an not bein able to see. So, I just napped near the barn till it lifted. 

Silly Mr. Lincoln had fun dancin in the driveway. He was just hootin an hollerin, seems he liked the kinda echoey sounds of his lil self that the fog made. 
Today Moms Jillian turns 32!  My blog is 4 today, Mom's Adam along with his Ashley left for Alaska 1 year ago.  Time just flies by all the way round. 

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