Monday, October 13, 2014

Right hand man...

Camryn here:
Our Lil Man Lincoln is more than willing to assist in my care,
He puts his all into his work...

He doesn't like it that Mom doesn't let him help with the fun part. Pickin horse apples. He does have barn boots now on account of his pleasure in stomping my horse apples....

One chore done and he's off to the next...

My fav chore, diggin carrots!!!  Moms really training Lincoln right for sure...

Once my hay is hung an I'm eatin, Lincoln checks in with my Maizee. Maizee don't like most people, cept Mom. She's warming up to Lincoln lots. She should since our barn  is his fav place to be...

Lincoln enjoys his breaks too. Mom has coffee while he chatters on bout stuff.  He talks lots, just not English...

He's a good hand, short break and he's off an looking for his next mission.  Yup, the kids a keeper all right. 


  1. Wow you have trained him well. I'm impressed start 'em young. I wish I got to see NG Lola more often. I'm sure she would enjoy helping.

    1. Lincoln wants to head for the barn as soon as he gets here. We have him at least 3 days a week. We all love out Lincoln time.

  2. Adorable help! I wish mine were as motivated.

    1. He's only 13 months old. Doesn't know any better lol

  3. Replies
    1. We won't argue that one bit Janine

  4. I am leaving this on your blog because I don't know if I want Mrs. Shoes to know where he is going. He went to Windy Hill Farm in Middlefield. I bet they would be a great place for a grandkid horse. They seem to get a fair amount of Haflingers, too!