Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brrrrr is it February?...

Camryn here:
It's only November, feels like February already. With our winds the real feel is -5! The water to the barn is froze, so I guess Mom doesn't need to join that gym she was thinking about. Just bundling up is a workout, add carrying my water to the barn and she's excercising plenty. 

Can you find me in this pic?

Little man Lincoln stayed with us all week while his Dad n Mom went to New Orleans. Mom is glad the worse weather didn't hit till he went home. Cause he does love the barn work. 

I like his visits too and stand watching him...

While he watches me too!

Mom got Lincoln his own barn clothes. He does have a tendency to tumble in my room. Not everyone appreciates wood chip n horse smells. So now he's toasty warm outside AND his other warm stuff stays smelling like some peoples prefer. 

Isn't he adorable in his barn stuff. 

The snow pants take practice though. He's a tough one and would wait for Mom to hoist him to his feets!  Good thing he got his barn clothes and practiced in them before the snows hit! 

We got like 4 inches. It's Lincoln first time out in the snow. He found it fascinating...

And a bit treacherous!  Mom was glad he got out to play in it before the temps dropped!

Cold but sunny, gonna work on my tan now. 


  1. You guys got a lot of snow! We got a dusting, but the temps are what is terrible! Too cold, too fast.

    Lincoln is just too cute in his barn clothes!

    1. Way to cold. Mom is a winter weenie when it's this cold

  2. this weather s.u.c.k.s.....but your snow pics are pretty;)

    1. Made prettier by Lincoln and I of course

  3. Your tan is very impressive. I just get more flea bites instead of tan.


  4. Oi mrs how about an update? I've heard via the whispers you have a new Grandfoal...

  5. i would love to hear from you too - from germany