Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lotsa changes going on

Camryn here:
Yup, it's been a looooong time. Things have and are changing round here. Some awesome, some while they sound bad is really for the best. 
First off, our Lincoln is a big boy now of over 2 1/2, he's just all way round the best...

Then last October on Valentine's Day, Mom's filly Jillian had a filly of her own Kennedy. Kennedy was Moms middle name, so it's just coincidence that all the Grandkids have Presidential names. Kennedy lives down in NC, so we don't really see her besides pictures. Her Daddy is deploying soon (marine) so, Kennedy will be up visiting more often. Mom can't wait to really get to know her...

Lincoln is now w big brother!  Jefferson will be 5 months in just a few days. Except his decided lack of mane, his birthweight of 10 1/2 lb, for a human he was pretty foal like size wise...Mom's left her job & is now Granny Nanny.  Keeps her smiling an she sleeps really good from exhaustion!

We got another dog, which is a long story, and Quincy is a bit of a rude, yet lovable moron.  He's huge and he knows it, not an entirely good thing!

The news that's not so good but, for the best...
Mom's discovered she's not getting any younger, while my trot isn't getting any smoother. She even started taking riding lessons thinking her difficulty with my trot was her riding ability. Then her rode a smooth jogging Quarter Horse. She realized sadly that if her wanted to continue trail riding it was time to part ways SIGH
Leaving my boy is gonna be rough 😔  
Mom has been to my new home an says she'd love living there herself. Like a hundred rolling acres of pasture, fields and trails thru the woods. I'll be living with another Haflinger mare, along with a bunch of Kentucky Mountain Horses. It all came about in a Karma kind of way. Mom had gone there to look at a Kentucky Mountain Horse mare. As Mom and the lady took a little trail ride for Mom to get a feel for the mare they was chatting. The lady asked Mom why gaited. Mom explained trotting me was to uncomfortable. The lady stopped riding turned to Mom, "you have a Haflinger! I'm looking for another Haflinger!"  Yup, she's to be my new Mom!  

Mom is driving me down (quite a long drive) an picking up the new mare. Her barn name right now is Myrt, short for Myrtle. That's gonna change, Mom says she's to cute to have such a name. Right now Lincoln an Mom are thinking of calling her Grace. I guess she's quite sweet, an rides smooth as glass. Unlike myself she's on the slender side having recently weaned a foal. 
She may or may not pick up on my blogging. We don't know yet if she can write!
I'll think of you all from time to time, so instead of my usual "later",
It's Bye. 


  1. Good by Camryn. Enjoy your new life. I've enjoyed reading your adventures.

    1. She's sure to have plenty more. Just not in writing. And since we traded mares we'll be keeping in touch.

  2. About time you gave us an update. Enjoy your new human I hope you have a wonderful life from here on in. I do hope Myrtle/Grace can write or we might have to rely on your human to drop us a line or two with some pics. How lovely to see all your new Grandfoals xx Bye Camryn You'll be forever in my thoughts no matter where you are. Who knows you might even find a laptop at your new home. Wouldn't that be great.

    1. Camryn's new human just went gaga over her. I have a feeling she'll be pulling her cart by weeks end. She'll be quite happy I'm sure, maybe not though, she did enjoy vacation lol