Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day #3 with Grace & the boyz

The hay that Camryn devoured as I'd devour a cheesecake, Grace just doesn't like. At least not now that she's on pasture all day. This morning she stood waiting in her stall having left it untouched!  So, as our neighbors use the same hay guy, but a richer hay than I'd needed for Camryn.  I burrowed one of their bales. If she'll eat it, I'll be picking up a load in the morning. If not, we go up to his primo, pricey hay. Who'd have thought skinny girl would be so picky!  Perhaps though that's one reason she is skinny?
After the boyz left, Grace & I puttered around a bit. She leads so beautifully, kind of like walking with a friend.  Tried some ground work, longing with a whip just has her turning to face me, using the end of the long line, she walks right off. Most things with the exception of disengaging her rear and/or giving me both eyes, she either doesn't know. Or my way off asking is foreign to her. She'll get a little high headed, then I see her realize, "Oh, your showing me something", then be willing to try. The fly spray issue, still an issue. She's slowing to a stop much faster as I spray water, I was allowed one squirt on each shoulder with her not moving. Tomorrow I don't have the boyz, so hoping to perhaps work a few more times with it. I also conditioned her mane, she's a tad flinchy around the head. I'm getting the feeling it's more due to my strangeness to her than anything else as she relaxes once she understands my intent. I did get the sponge thing today, so hopefully I'll get her fly spray on all over tomorrow. 
Lincoln discovered our first banana pepper in the garden today. He picked it and came running shouting "it growed Gramma, it growed!  Can I eat it?"  Of course he did, I mentioned that the more we feed our garden water, the more our garden feeds us. He grabbed his little water can and off he went. Good thing we'd filled his kiddie pool yesterday 
Hopes for some good pumpkins

Slacker 🙃

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