Sunday, June 26, 2016

Full day #1

Ok, while I can't promise to not let 1. Life get in the way, 2. Have absolutely nothing to write on for exceptionally long periods of time. I am going to "attempt" to document Graces changes, which first off is to add some serious poundage. Of course the Grandbabes, along with our various critters. 
Delivered Camryn to her new people, it was love at first sight, Camryns going to be getting her lovely bum hitched up in no time flat. 
Grace, I swear lost weight from seeing her just a week ago. She had a foal pulled off her a short while ago, it must have drained her big time.  Their Vet was out earlier this week for vaccines dental and the like. I plan to have a fecal done this week, I'm imagining she has multiple guests residing within. All other horses on the property were in good condition, so it's not total lack of care. 
She loaded well enough seeing she's used to a large gooseneck and mines a claustrophobic bumper pull. She hauled fantastically, though after a 4 hour trip on a warm day, she may never wish to haul again.  I checked on her when filling the tank, she just blinks and gives me an "Oh, hello there" look.  Going having loading practice start soon. 
Once home she tucked into her hay, then discovered the Donkies next door. So she multi tasked eating while watching them from her window. 
She's a very different eater than the eating machine Camryn. Very dainty, slow & methodical, her net still had hay in the morning where Camryn would've emptied hers in a few short hours. I was amazed & concerned. 
This morning I brought her out of her stall. She haltered fine, fly mask on, good, fly spray, you'd have thought I was spraying horse eating acid on her. Managed to get her front half on both sides. Another thing to work on. Led her about the paddock, went very well. Unclipped the line and walked away, Grace shadowed me all over the paddock. For some reason I can't fathom, Hubs who is a great guy, mowed the already sparse paddock grass. Are you kidding me!  The plan was paddock the first few days while I made sure she was easy to catch. She'd eaten what he'd missed mowing within a few hours. So throughout the day, I've gone out, lead her in for a snack, gone out just rubbed on her, rinse now, she's in the pasture I'm doing the same rinse, repeat and I'm hoping I can bring her back in tonight!
Certainly not used to a skinny lol

Why, oh why did he mow?

Just noticed the big barns horses. She called out a few times, no one answered, she went back to munching. 

She's in heaven. 

Taped her this morning, a whopping 783 lbs!!!  Definitely thinner than I'd thought. Plan is pasture which she's used to, access to hay 24/7, Triple Crown Complete which I'll build up amount slowly, alfalfa pellets, handful right now. Of course carrots from Lincoln. I'm working on seeing how her manners re, such a sweetie she is, hoping her overal personality doesn't change as she gains!
I love her sweetness. 

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