Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day #4

Grace disliked the hay from the neighbors so much, she gathered it in the center of her stall. Then pissed on it!!! 
  Off I went to the hay guy, picked up several bales of a lovely orchard/alfalfa mix. She came in from her field as I hung a net on her patio to investigate. She took a few nibbles then turned to head back out to graze as she munched. Suddenly she stopped & spun round realizing "this stuff tastes good!"  So hopeful we have a winner. 

Did get to work with her twice today. The first time as we walked around the pasture, Kaylee who's now ten was at the gate, we stopped to chat, her little brothers joined us. We stood there nearly an hour, Grace fell asleep totally content with the littles rubbing her nose and head while they all stood on the gate ❤️.  We finished our walk, I applied fly spray with the sponge. 
Later rinse, repeat the walk, backing, longing a bit & more success with spraying her. She's allowing me to spray her shoulder on both sides several times, better on the near side but, still quivers as it goes on. Progress rather than perfection. I then tied her to brush out her mane & tail. 
She still thinks bout dodging me as I approach her in the field sometimes but, she's just taking a few steps then stops allowing me to just rub her or halter her. Instead of attempting to avoid the fly mask she's dropping her head for it. Plan to continue our "Getting to know you " phase, she's so enjoyable to be with. 


  1. good work! I'm glad that you are getting to know each other.

    1. It helps that it feels like she "wants" to get to know me too 😀