Monday, June 27, 2016

Day #2 with Grace

Day #2, Grace is slowly becoming Gracie, it's just what comes out when you call her. 
Big day, she got to meet her boy. Lincoln couldn't get out of the truck fast enough. Luckily Jefferson had fallen asleep, so I just snapped car seat onto stroller, grabbed a carrot and back to the barn we went...
Lincoln couldn't get over how soft her nose is. I hadn't noticed but, it is truly softer than Camryn's!

Grace thanked Lincoln, tickling him with her whiskers. Child friendly 👍🏼. When Chris came to pick the boys up, Lincoln made him cover his eyes and led him to the barn. Once Grace was in sight Lincoln allowed him to open his eyes and shouted "surprise!"  Another carrot of course. 
Once they'd left and I'd tidied her already tidy stall, I grabbed rope halter, long line, and a fly spray bottle filled with water. Don't want to waste the real thing while convincing her it's not really acid. As soon as she heard the spray, she began walking, every time she stopped, I'd stop spraying. I'd approach, stroke her and spray, she'd walk off, rinse repeat. I did eventually get one spray on each side with her remaining still before calling it quits on a good note. She realized quickly the spray sound stopped when she did. She simply couldn't tolerate the spray touching her. Her skin actually crawled like it creeped her out. I plan to pick up one of those sponges with a tube that's meant to be filled with dish soap, filling it with fly spray to hopefully get some on while we practice. After, we walked around the pasture together, she asked politely twice for a bite of grass, I said no, and we simply continued on. Amazing to have a lovely walk without an argument over who's the boss of things. I unhaltered her in the middle of the pasture, she quietly followed along. 
I've noticed she takes her naps in the barn, out of the sun, in front of the fan. Smart girl. I did get my foot stepped down on earlier in the day. She may be skinny but, YOUCH that hurt. She was horrified and couldn't apologize enough. 
Our Ivy has tweaked her back (most likely Baffoon Quincy rolled her as he cant be bothered to go round anyone or anything) off to the Vet. Lots of meds that hopefully have the sweet lil girl on the mend. I thought to grab one of Grace's apples for a fecal. No parasites so, I'm not feeding a belly full of unwanted guests. I did notice a quid of hay this morning. Just the one, Vet suggested keeping an eye out for more, if it's more often than not they'll check teeth. Even though it's already supposed to have been done. He said some mares ecspecially at 16, can just take longer to bounce back. Called hay guy, hay For easy keeper Camryn isn't going to help Grace. Hoping to get a load out this week. 

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