Friday, July 1, 2016

Days #5 & #6. And of course Grands

It appears the third hay is our winner!  It's rather pricey in comparison to the others but, if we do pick up rather than delivery, we can save .50 a bale. So we'll be picking up a load here and there till winter. Graci isn't the eating machine Camryn is by any means. I put 3 flakes in the slow feed near at night, in the mornings there is a flake still left. I just hang it outside her stall where if she chooses she can munch when she comes in to be away from the flies. I do wonder though if the reason there is any left is because she's not yet a pro at the net. I put some on the floor as well and she always goes for the net instead. Didn't do much work with her yesterday, it was well after 6 before the boyz went home & Gramma was  exhausted. Granny Nannys tend to wear down at the 12 hr. mark lol
Yesterday Lincoln got to show "his new horsey" off, he didn't realize the neighbor kids had already met her. As they came in the yard, he goes running, "come see my new horsey, her is Gracie!"
This evening, being very windy we didn't work on fly spray, did our getting to know you walkabout, played at some ground work. She's obviously had some training but, we're both rusty and my cues confuse her at times. I unhaltered her at the back of the field and began walking back to the barn. Halfway across, I realize Grace is right behind me ❤️. I think she's gained some weight will check on Sunday, which is a week from measuring the first time. 

Lincoln had is having a blast, the littles next door came over to play the past two days.  We've gotten the boyz a used play set, Lincoln calls it his park. Between that, the sandbox, his bubble machine which he's very proud of and sword fighting they were on the go. We headed next door for more fun. After a while Josh who just turned 4 lays his head on the tractor he's riding. His Mom asks if he's ready for a nap, he tells her "no, I'm just closing my eyes". Putting Lincoln down for his nap shortly after, I asked what he was going to dream of, he said "my friends!"
Some of the neighbor hood gang. Kaylee is the one who'd been riding Camryn in lessons. Lincoln has a huge crush and told his Mom that Kaywee is going to be his wife lol

Josh is on his tractor towing the wagon. Looks like they're enjoying the ride, judging by their expressions. 

Probably the biggest reason for Lincoln's crush. She pushes him "higher" when he asks. 

Kennedy's Daddy deployed on Sunday. He pulled into the drive to find this before he left. While his mission int "war", one still worries and needs prayers on any deployment. And no, we don't know where, or what he's doing. 


  1. I'm just catching up on blog reading and had a few tears in my eyes upon reading that Camryn has a new home.... but I KNOW Haffies, and she will be so much happier having a job and being busy! It will be very exciting to see how Grace(ie?) comes along. Congrats!

  2. Thanks, we miss her. I'm glad I sent her to a trainer prior to her sale. While I still got to see her, I was also able to distance myself a bit. That and the fact that she'll be with good horse people made it so much easier. Grace being a love bug doesn't hurt either.