Sunday, July 17, 2016

3 weeks of Grace...

Seems like Grace has been here for so much longer than 3 weeks. Her weight gain, much like my weight loss has slowed to a trickle. She's now just shy of 900 lbs, she's looking so much better & feeling better as well. I watched her running and bucking this morning just because she can. 
She's grown used to the neighbor kids coming to the fence to visit and will head on over to have a chat with them.  She still hates fly spray, though welcomes her fly mask and has no problem with me wiping it on. 
Since her test a few nights ago, she's now not only standing for me, but walking over to meet me and dropping her muzzle into her halter.
Guess I passed muster. Took this as the sunset, after removing her fly mask. unfortunately in order to see Grace in the pic I,had to alter it. The sunset was gorgeous behind her. 
Hubs move the trailer into the paddock, so we've  added trailer loading to our lesson plan. Started with her having two feet on the ramp early in the day. A bit later, she loaded as far as her shoulders, our last go at it, she was halfway in, startled,and rushed back out. She looked a little embarrassed and easily came back to load halfway again. Have to say Maizee as an assistant isn't all that helpful. Silly cat. And yes, I'm cheating a bit with a handful of feed on the floor. We do groundwork first, ending with longing with me pointing her in. My trailer is an older, closed trailer, I get that it's claustrophobic, and last time she was in it it was a hot four hour drive. I'm not rushing her, any progress is good progress. 


  1. She's coming along really well!

    1. Yes, though I've not ridden since week two. I can feel her trust growing with the groundwork.

  2. She is beautiful. So lucky to have you as her personal slave.