Friday, July 29, 2016

Can I please?

Tonight Grace saw me open the trailer and came a running from her pasture. Of course hard feed is still involved at this point but, just a mouthful now. She's loading right up 💃💃💃. Afterwards we did a little groundwork, the Hubs just got home from a business trip so we didn't play long. She did move her RF over first try so we ended there. I unhaltered her, and loved on her a bit. Her kitty had been there supervising, as I looked up from petting Maizee I turned to find Grace in the trailer. Didn't have my phone ready at the moment, I unloaded her and waited...
She just stood waiting too...

Please Mom can I go in again?

She's certainly not that skinny thang she was just shy of a month ago is she!  Now to get some muscle going, ecspecially that top line. 


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    1. Thanks, the most difficult part has been finding time.

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    1. Hopefully it's a sign of good things yet to come