Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Second ride...

First off, Grace is very smart. We've always kept fans in the barn, she figured out where to be during the heat of the day real quick..
You can make out the more industrial fan just under her neck. Unfortunately, I'm cleaning the stall and may never get out LOL. No offense to Camryn but, she never got it. 

Very hot with high humidity today. I waited till 8:00 pm, worked her a little on the ground. Then began tacking her up, had noticed she seemed cinchy, had girth galls so understandable. Took my time and on the advice of friends simply did something else in between tightening. No tail wringing this time. I'd gotten the right size girth at last, added the scalloped shims to my Skito, lowered my stirrups a notch (oddly the right length for Camryn had my boots mid rib), I also lowered her bit a notch. 

Like our photo bomber?  Sweet Maizee likes to be near me and/or her horse.

Last time she'd moved off from the mounting block, so before the bridle went on we worked on that and a little more groundwork. Hubby came out to take pix, I mounted with no issue at the block. As soon as I cued to move foreword, her back bunched, her head lowered (see where this is going), I had her head in a heartbeat, she did get a fart out but, the buck was tharwted with hubby non the wiser. WHEW!  Soooo, thankful I've been taking lessons to build my confidence as Grace is not the confidence builder she was advertised as!  She wanted to buck a few more times, she gave it up and tried to take off on the turns a bit. Can't believe I actually laughed!  By the end I believe she realized I wasn't up there to kill her, that any issues with tack were now fixed, and I was staying put. She began relaxing enough that I could reach out and stroke her neck, which made her relax more.  Not the ride I had trying her out but, progress from last time. 

Dang, wish I could photo shop like the Kardashian's!

She's starting to relax

She thought when we were done that it was time to be fed, NOT!  She figured she'd just go to her pasture, NOT!  She did get wiped down with a damp towel, and thanked profusely but, stayed in the paddock. 
Sure hoping the weather holds the next few evenings so we can work thru whatever we're working thru. 
More wet saddle blankets to come...


  1. Good for you for working through this. She will likely test you again but as long as she has a solid foundation you should be able to deal with it. She really is pretty. :)

    1. That's my hope. If it gets worse or I see no improvement she's slated for my neighbors training barn. I can tell she's had work on the ground in her past, I'm thinking/hoping it's there under saddle as well.

  2. Wow, photos of you riding! I love the cats, how awesome that they're fearless. And look at how flat your land is, omgosh I wish.

    1. Flat can be boring to ride, though it is nice for groundwork. I have to be careful to not drag my long line, the cats like to chase it lol. Maizee the white adored Camryn.