Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fan of the fans...

So hot here lately, much like most of the states from what I understand. Real feel of 100 degrees, though we did have a strong breeze. High humidity, yet still no rain, our pasture and yard are both pretty brown  Working with Grace has been at a standstill for the most part the past two days. 
She seems content for the most part...
She's definitely gotten the idea, which is a good thing considering she's just as unhappy with the hose as she is of fly spray. Two things that I was told she was good for.

Big yawn, I'd woken her from a nap as I came in the barn. 

Trailer loading was going well, she's hopping right in, it like most things are on the back burner till the heat advisory passes. I did restart practicing fly spray with the water bottle, figured being its water it may just feel good. It's the one thing I'm doing clicker training with right now  She's caught on to the clicker quite well, but finds it difficult despite wanting to hold still. I'm able to spray her right shoulder, RF, and neck. Further back than the shoulder is still a no go, the left side's not getting anywhere fast. 
Oh, she had her first hot air balloon experience at breakfast this morning.  She was inside munching her feed and must have caught a glance of it floating by thru the window. She ran out of the barn, I had no idea what was going on. She ran to the furthest side of the paddock. I stepped out and there it was just an acre from us, floating just over the tops of the corn. She was both worried and curious, going towards it, then away. Once she realized it was headed the other way, she got as close to it as the fence allowed her to and watched closely.  The small airport below us is planning an event with over 30 balloons next month. I do believe Grace will have an early bedtime with the fans on high and perhaps a radio!
Odd the differences in different horses, Camryn totally got the benifits of fly spray, never cared about the fans, and the balloons, well she was certain they were planning to kill her. 


  1. I can empathize about the heat & humidity - a few days last week it was 81-83 degrees with 86% humidity here. #heatstroke #melting

    That's an awesome barn fan you have there - when you mention how Grace (very pretty mare) doesn't love the hose or spray I was wondering if it might kill 2 birds by hanging some big frozen pop bottles behind the fan & letting it spray towards her? We used to put fans at either end of our shedrow when we were racing - kind of like redneck air conditioning - and it actually made quite a difference.

    I see you ride in a Barefoot. I have one (no horn) to & it's one of my very favourite saddles I've ever ridden. There is no dealer or rep closer to me than 8 or 9 hours so, when I broke the pull on the zipper, I just called Germany. The fantastic CSR there put a new zipper in the mail to me the same day for no charge to me. & they had paid extra for it to be fast tracked too! I had it in 3 days. Outstanding customer service in a world that seems to be increasingly forgetting what that means.

    1. I'd actually thought of placing a cooler of ice in front of the fan.
      I enjoy the Barefoot, though prefer my Sensation, the twist is much better for me.

  2. Hot air balloons! We heard our first last week but didn't see it, it was over the hillside, but close enough that it was very loud. Can't wait to see what Mag will do when he first sees one. The noises they make!

    1. Camryn who was normally pretty level headed freaked terribly at them. I totally understand why though. I'd never have wanted to have been on her lol