Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy dance time...

Yes I did, I did a happy dance in the paddock. She loaded!

This counts right 😜
Seriously though, Grace loaded in the trailer, I was so happy.  I walked in first, showed her a handful,of feed (yes, I cheated) she hesitated kind of shrugged and walked right on in. I asked her to back out, we walked about for a few minutes. Then I lined her up, asked her to go in without me and in she went! So long as weather holds, we'll continue for several days. Then up the ante and try it in the yard. I'm so hoping to include her in my lessons in a few weeks. My goal is for her to load without my having to go in ahead.
 With Camryn, while she loaded easily, I could never send her in. And she'd wouldn't stay put long enough for me to climb out the escape to do the butt bar. So, it was always a two person job. For lessons, I'll be on my own so it's important to me. 
Something almost as exciting is I've discovered or should I say the neighbors hens have discovered that Triple Crown Complete feed (disclaimer) is very tasty even after having come out Grace back end.  I try to clean up weekly in the pasture but, I'd noticed a few piles in the paddock and inside the gate I use daily. So, after cleaning her stall, I'd intended to clean those up. They were gone, with just remnants showing they'd actually ever been there. Lincoln had noticed a few hens around the trailer in the morning now I know why. I walked the paddock and every recent pile was gone or taken apart. Sadly the neighbors are building a new hose, so the hens will be moving. Mmmmm, I see hens in my future perhaps?

Had to include this...
Someone found Grampas chobani yogurt!  Poor Grampa LOL

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