Monday, July 25, 2016

Testing carrots...

As always Lincoln insisted on growing carrots for his horsey and he to share. While they aren't truly ready, we had to pull a few...
Grace didn't seem to mind eating her tiny carrots at all...

She takes them very, very gently. 

Can hardly believe she's been with us now for only a month. She's settled in so nicely. Bad me, forgot to tape her weight. She had her first mani/pedi over the weekend. Such a good girl, after she'd had three feet done her trimmer and I started chatting. Apparently for to long according to Grace. As we chatted, she looked at us and lifted her yet undone rear hoof. I laughed and told Sherry she'd best get to it.  
No problems in her feet of immediate concern, she has a few event lines on each hoof that we'll have to watch as they grow down and lengthen. She also had blown an abscess thru her LR coronet (I'd already been aware of it), we'll just have to watch the area as it grows down. 
Weight is looking really good, time to build muscle 👍🏻

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  1. Lucky Grace, can't get fresher carrots than that. I know The Stallion grows carrots I have yet to see any. I helped by providing the manure to help them grow, so it's only right I should get some don't you think. I think Grace you have fallen on your hooves in your new home, fans to keep you cool, fresh carrots, little human foals to adore you.......what a life xx