Friday, July 15, 2016

HA! Someone's feeling better...

Grace must be feeling better and/or the honeymoon is over. Hubs is home from his business trip, so I went out to get Grace. Plans were to do a little groundwork, tack up and ride in the paddock. She came over to me, no prob there, I went to put her halter on and she decided to walk away. She did this yesterday as well. Difference was, yesterday when I sent her away at a brisker pace than she'd intended, she stopped and came back to be haltered.  Tonight, she flipped me "the bird" and took off. Kind of like "néener, néener, can't catch me!"  She's very right but, for some reason she didn't realize she'd end up catching herself instead. I swung the long line at her, she took off for the paddock, bucking and farting all the way. Wrong move, I closed the gate, picked up my stick I'd already propped there, so we could play it out in the paddock. She was tearing around, tail up over her back, doing this bunny hop kind of thing with all four off the ground, she was gaiting, trotting, cantering, you name it she did it. 
She did realize fairly quickly that as I could change her direction and keep her speed up, I was boss. She tried to slow down, I kept her going, she tried to change directions, I turned her back. She tried to go in the barn, I'd already shut the door...
Took a video as I allowed her to slow, can't figure out how to post it 😕. We didn't exactly get "join up" but, she did eventually stepped in towards me as I turned and walked away a few steps. I took it, went in, rubbed her, halter end then we walked about together as I explained the rules a bit. 
SIGH, let the games begin...


  1. I was expecting this to happen. You handled it perfectly. To put a video I upload it to you tube and then link it here.

    1. Oh and I love your new name!

    2. Yup, just a matter of time. I imagine there will be a few more " negotiations" Name popped in my head as she Gracefully attempted her take over lol

  2. On the new page you create, up on the tool bar toward the left, it says "LINK" and then there's a photograph symbol that (you already know) you click to add photos. Left of that is a symbol that looks like a director's clapboard, if you click that one you can insert your video file. It takes a bit of time, and you can't do anything else on the page until it's finished loading, but that's all there is to it. I hope this helps, because that sounds like a cute video clip.