Saturday, July 16, 2016

So much better...

Made a point of visiting Grace multiple times halter in hand with no agenda. While I do this anyway, I don't normally carry a halter. Sometimes I'd halter her, sometimes not, sometimes we'd walkabout, sometimes not. She never thought to move away, nor did she when I went out to actually play. Would've loved to ride but, neighbors were having a HS graduation party, mechanical bull and everything. 
Did our normal routine, combined with walkabout in between for some thinking, we're both improving, adding yielding the forequarters, both of us kind of sticky there. Camryn wasn't much of a groundwork fan, and it shows in my rustiness. Once we'd finished, I unhaltered her, loved on her then...
We played me and my shadow❤️. She just followed me around just because. 

Of course anytime lovin is happening Maizee has to be involved. 

Maizee just seems to enjoy hanging around with her "big" sister. I think Grace enjoys her "lil" sis too. 

Earlier in the day we met my daughter and our family Princess for lunch
Sweetest little girl ever.