Sunday, July 10, 2016


Not so good tonight, though not as bad as our first by any means. Progress rather than perfection and all that. And we did have progress by the end of the ride. Didn't help I'm sure as we did our usual walkabout letting the saddle fall in place, I noticed it had slipped a bit. So, ungirthed and started over. Ms. Grace offered her opinion and turned towards me ears pinned (no teeth) but, intent was there. She met my elbow with a "don't even go there missy!"  I finished with no issue.  Bitting we were back to "no, I don't wanna and you can't make me."  I agreed and longed her.  She changed her mind to "Ooooh, this is what you wanted? Sure, I'll take my bit."
To the mounting block, no prob, standing till I asked for forward, no prob. Forward, she thought we'd just take off as fast as she could. A few one reins, she began listening. By the end she was strolling and her brakes were back in place. Hubby will be out of town all week, with no one home to call paramedics (almost kidding), we'll stick with groundwork. Won't have the boys as often this week either, so if the weather cooperates, we'll be playing in small amounts several times a day. That's the plan. We won't be hitting the trails anytime soon SIGH. 
Taped GRACE this evening, the weight gain has slowed, which is good.  Gain this week was 29lb, total in 2 weeks she's had a total gain of 95lb. I've cut back on her midday hard feed so she doesn't gain to much to fast. I'll slowly eliminate it. Her ribs are still a bit visible, though not from across the field any longer. She still has some angles, they're beginning to fill in too. 
Great news is we had a little visitor today. My daughter Jillian and grand daughter Kennedy are up from NC. Kennedy got to meet her first horse...

Oooooh, should I?

Yes, I pet horsey ❤️
Kennedy just turned 8 months, same age as first time Lincoln got to sit on Camryn. Maybe next week for Kennedy on Grace?

Kennedy: Wow, you're big horsey...Grace: you're tiny, but cute human child.

Jillian is more than a little intimidated by Grace size. But, game on letting Kennedy experience things she herself is hesitant of. I'm guessing she won't be the one holding Kennedy on Grace back (hopefully) next week. Can't very well do that staying an arms length away. LOL


  1. Hmm, I wonder if she could be a bit ulcery? The girthiness can speak to that. It might be worth trying a supplement to see if it helps.

    That little girl looks fascinated. Mom might be in trouble there. :)

    1. She's got a few healing girth galls. One actually appears to be an old one that was bad enough it's not growing hair. While I'd not rule out ulcers, it appears Grace has a legit reason to worry from her past. I do have her on Smartpack ultra calm. Lucky Mom while she's definitely not horsey is open to whatever future ventures Kennedy my entertain.

  2. Two steps forward, one step backward. That seems to be my experience in teaching... anything!
    How amazing to see all of the changes, and chronicle them.

    1. Have the boyz all day today. No riding with Hubs away but, we'll do something for sure.