Monday, July 4, 2016

Girly bits...

The Vet Tech came early this morning to take care of Grace girly bits. I'd seen her posting a sheath & more cleaning service. All reviews were 5 stars, most used the word "patient" multiple times. I knew it was a two man job, and while Hubby "bless him" would have tried to hold Grace. It would've been chaos and not the calmness needed. Could've called the Vet but, they don't always have the time for patience. What I'd hoped for was for Grace to not be hurried or feel stressed, so perhaps, once done she'd allow me to keep up with the cleaning in the future. 
Despite it being a holiday, Kristi felt it sounded like an ASAP cleaning. She arrived bright & early, greeted and loved on Grace in her paddock. Once she felt Grace was comfortable with her we gave it a go. A few false starts with Grace quickly sidestepping herself away we moved. I stood her next to a wall to stop her moving away. Kristi, gently began decrudding her poor sore udders. Grace after the initial "STOP THAT IT HURTS", relalized it wasn't really hurting and began to relax. An incredible amount of black dried & gooey mess came out from in between. Poor girl!  She was not only sore from the filth either, she's still lactating to boot 😟. Just her right teat, no mastitis thankfully. Our guess is that her foal was pulled much more recently than the month and a half ago they'd told me. And one reason for her being so thin was they'd reduced her feed to dry her up faster.  Once figuring that out, I also asked Kristi to check her teeth (another of her services) as I'd been told their Vet said they were fine. While they aren't horrid and I could reasonably wait till fall, she does have a few hooks. Getting them done will aide in weight gain, so a call to the dentist is next up. 
You should've seen Grace as she realized she could move without the owieness she must have felt with when her girl bits were glued together!  I have a feeling I'll be seeing her gaining around the pasture just for fun now 😃


  1. Oh, no! I can't begin to imagine her pain. Poor girl. Thank you for taking such good care of her!!

  2. I'm hoping she'll begin allowing me to keep them clean now that it's been done in a gentle manner.

  3. Now that I've had a mare I know something about this : )

    Hopefully she'll realize it feels good eventually - Mara loved it because it itched and I would put baby oil on my hand (warm) and that seemed to feel good. I never knew that mares had to be taken care of in this way.

    1. Camryn loved it too. I've been doing some desensiting with the rope. She's not minding when brushes the area. I'll be giving it a go again.