Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another day...

I'm pleased to say today we were "both" back to norm. I think you were correct Lytha, she was expecting a treat.  As usual as of late I waited till evening to work. We are longing for longer periods, she's totally getting stepping her LF over, the RF she's not quite getting though she's trying. We brought trailer loading back into the game plan. A little hesitation, backing her out, longing and she popped right in. A whole lot of chewing & lip licking tonight, much more than previous sessions. After our pasture stroll she stood next to me yawning over and over. Then followed me into the barn for some brushing. I so enjoy peace in the valley lol. Didn't do any of the stress her out fly spray tonight. 
Lincoln & I have developed a routine during the heat of the day. While he's to young to scissor properly, he sure tries hard.  I got him safety scissors, construction paper and a glue stick. He's been watching a cartoon called " creative galexy",so he's really into making "art" and his own "masterpiece!"  
This "masterpiece" is for Grampa when he returns from a business trip to Canada...

Today was Mommys's turn for her to decorate her new office.  Daddy gets his own tomorrow. Thank heavens Jefferson normally takes at least one long nap so we can play art. 



  1. Awesome art work Lincoln. Grace seems to be settling in well, so pleased for her.

    1. Lincoln said "Awwwww Thanx Zoe."