Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trim job & cousins...

I couldn't stand looking at Grace's mane any longer, had planned to ride this evening, but black clouds were headed our way.  (Of course they amounted to nothing.)  No amount of conditioning was helping her locks, it was several lengths, the ends being very straggly and damaged.  I know how to pull a mane, just didn't want to take the time or inflict Grace with the "ouch, ouch, ouch of it.  Despite me, it looks much thicker and healthier, hoping the biotin supplement for her hooves will help in that dept as well.
Not professional job by any means, Grace doesn't seem to mind.  Her weight is holding steady at just under 900 lbs. With very little rain, our pasture is brown & crunchy, enough so that she's actually now eating the hay I've been hanging in the morning. 

In other news, I was quite happily surrounded by Grandbabies this weekend. We'd had the boys for an overnight while Daddy & Mommy got some adulting time together. My daughter brought Kennedy over for a visit. Best day ever ❤️

Lincoln will be 3 next month, sweet Kennedy just turned 9 months, Jefferson just turned 6 months.  

Kennedy isn't tiny as it might appear giving the 3 month difference in age. Jefferson however certainly isn't either. His birth weight was nearly 11 lbs!

Kennedy lives in NC, Jillian & I do a lot of FaceTime when the boys are here. Lincoln was so into seeing her. He's a total love bug. 

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