Saturday, August 27, 2016

Daily Grace & boy routine..

Since I "Granny Nanny" the boys, they're both part of Grace daily routine. A part she's become quite fond of, what mare wouldn't enjoy delivery of fresh carrots from such cuties? 

Lincoln: "Here's your carrot Gracie Grace."  The name Lincoln chooses most often for her. 

Lincoln: "Do you like it?"
Grace: "Can't talk, mouth full"

Lincoln loves watching her happily nomming on his gift

Lincoln: "Oops sorry, I dropped one"
Grace: "It's OK kid, I got it"

Grace: "More?"

She chooses to just hang out and be loved on a while, even with carrots gone. Jefferson is learning the ropes from big brother, soon he'll have his own carrots to share as well. This is the first time Jefferson & his stroller were in the field. Normally, he either stays behind the gate napping or Grace now knowing that Lincoln equals carrots comes to the gate when he calls out. 
Note the sorry state of her field, back to brown & crunchy. All promised rain blows right past us. 

Lincoln always chooses a carrot for himself. Quincy isn't above snatching it! 


  1. Replies
    1. Poor kids have no choice but to love animals lol. Lincoln would spend all day in the barn if he could.