Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lesson day for Grace...

I've been taking lessons again since spring, originally a private lesson. Then when Camryn was at the barn for sale, my neighbor girl joined us. She rode Camryn, while I rode a lesson horse. We continued our lessons together till today when her school year began. The plan was for me to regain my private lessons then.  I hadn't realized school had started today, my instructor had expected Grace to be with me. Oops!  
She thought a moment then said, let's go to your place!  I only live five acres away. Grace met us in the barn, trainer was "OMG, she's beautiful." We saddled her up and trainer began longing her to get a feel for her. She was surprised at how well Grace longed, Grace offered gaiting, trotting and cantering. Trainer noted she prefers going left, and suggested I work her more to the right...

After working her and making sure Grace was paying attention, trainer mounted up...

First thing she said was "OMG, she's smooth", lots of OMG moments, all good. 

Trainer smiled a lot. 

She loved my saddle, having never ridden treeless she was surprised at how comfortable it was. Once again she noted Grace preference for going to the left. And that Grace seemed to not understand being asked to turn! She was quietly asking for turns and could feel Grace was "getting it!"
Once again I have the feeling Grace was more a brood mare and either rusty, or green under saddle. 
My turn, Grace did great, best ride we've had, no arguing,thoughts of bucking, no rushing in turns. Now that I understood she wasn't sure, I was asking differently and she didn't feel she was being pressured. I think the ulcer supplement came into play as well. Did you know for instance one of the meridian lines for ulcers runs right where the girth lays?  
Trainer felt Grace was turning much better for me than she had for her. 
Her thoughts on Grace were that I'd picked a good one, that she was sound, sane, smart and easy to be around. She also mentioned that if Grace didn't work out, she could sell her in about five minutes LOL. 
My home work is to tack her up whenever I work her, even if not riding and work more often to the right. 
Next week, we'll trailer to her, not sure if Grace has ever been in an arena. We'll play it by ear. 


  1. I can hear your smile in this post! She sure looks lovely.

    1. Yes, my mood was set for the day. It was awesome.

  2. We are in the UK and my human was hyperventilating at pictures of a rider with no safety helmet on. How the world differs xx

    1. Lol, I get it, I have a hard time with it myself. I'd offered her mine, which I did wear for my turn.

  3. I have been tacking my new guy up every time I work him too. He has gotten much better since I have been working on it more consistently. She is a very pretty mare!

    1. I'd never thought of tacking up to longe. Makes sense now we've done it that way.