Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's that time again...

Nothing better than hay in the barn prior to winter...
Maizee thinks it's pretty nice too. I think she's picking her winter spot already. 
Unfortunately due to the drought, I was only brought 50 bales. He's not running out but, is low enough he doesn't want to be short handed should a customer find themselves in dire need. I do like how he takes care of the regulars, & his hay always being consistent. He even keeps several barns with different grades of hay. Came in quite handy while we figured out Grace's preference. Which of course is the pricier stuff. 
Also unfortunately I've been feeding a lot more hay this time of year. At first it was cease of Grace needing weight. Now, it's because the pasture became so dry she'd starve on it. We've had some rain causing it to begin to rebound thankfully. 
He does feel he won't have a problem making sure we'll have plenty prior to winter as we've had several decent rains recently. Still it makes me nervous. I know you totally understand Lytha. 
He also brings bags of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, whatever he has growing near the hay barns. Stuffed peppers coming soon. 

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