Sunday, August 14, 2016


Finally, we're having some healthy rainfall. We've had some the past few days but, only like 20 minutes a day at most. Today, it's been coming down all day, a few down pours, for the most part just nice and steady. It's actually hard for me to recall its ever being this dry in NE Ohio.  Our pasture and yard had become brown & crunchy. The humidity levels have been "tropical" according to the weather people, real feel in the upper 90's for several weeks. We've had several instances where storms could be seen headed our way that they've all broken up, or just blown on by. 
Grace has been spending the majority of her time hanging in front of the fans, munching hay. Today though, even though she's aware she has hay she's choosing to be outside. Started her gastric aide supplement a few days ago, we'll see what happens. She likes it, that's a good thing. 
What, you've hung hay? 

I'm good, thanks though. 

The clean up crew from next door rain or shine!  Love these girls, haven't had to clean the field or paddock all 
summer...  Do wonder why they didn't do this with Camryn though?

Lincoln talked Grampa into attaching the ladder to his top bunk. Gramma wasn't so sure however...

Up, up and away...

He volunteered two hours early for his nap lol
One happy little boy ❤️


  1. We're finally getting rain as well! I wonder why the chickens do go in with your other horse- could she have chased them away?

    1. They actually did go in with her. But, had no interest in her manure.