Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lesson #2...

Today was Our first off site lesson together...
Grace hopped right on the trailer and off we went, an entire 5 acres from home. Made for a long drive  LOL. I have to admit, I was a nervous wreck. The ulcer supplements really helped her for maybe a week. Then she became uber cinchy again along with a few other behaviors that had been occurring  prior to the supplement. Basically, it told me I'm probably correct regarding the ulcers. The supplement however only masks the ulcer and doesn't treat them. Treatment is on the pricey side. Hubby is in Canada, so we haven't been able to really talk options yet. After today, I sure hope we can find away to add treatment to an already tight budget.
Anyway, back to today. As we pulled in, one of the barn horses just knew someone new had arrived and called out. Grace called back, which started a barrage of greetings to her. There are approx. 30 horses there so, lots of talking going on. Grace was anxious, though she only called back twice.  I was anxious, I pulled up my big girl panties, unloaded and deposited her in the nearby round pen.

Grace: "Where am I?"

Grace: "Mmmmmmm, this poo isn't mine"

Grace: "Oh, she's gaited to"
No crazy running, bucking, snorting, calling out, she just explored. Even as the trainer came around the corner on another mare, which is what she's looking at above. For some reason she held onto one piece of hay from the trailer as she explored lol. 

As trainer walked into round pen, Grace came up to her nice as you please. She tacked her up and sent her off to work. Even as a gelding was led by calling for her attention, Grace merely looked up but, continued on...
Just got a short video of her working, it was easy to see she's been round penned. I asked trainer if we could move it to my house!
Trainer mounted up, she said she could feel Grace hump her back for just a moment then relax just as quickly. She was actually more relaxed riding there than here in her paddock, which trainer gave several different reasons why that may be.  
One thing that really stood out to me is Grace was stopping off her seat, something I've had issues with. She also was able to neck rein a few times, something I was told she'd been trained to do but, many years ago. 

Of course no video of my riding 

My turn went nicely as well, we worked on my stopping off my seat, I need to exaggerate it a bit more than I have been. I have a tendency to make "the right things easier" but, don't make "the wrong things" quite hard enough. I got her gaiting but, had a hard time keeping her in it. She began trying to turn in one spot with me, I'd work her thru it & she'd try a few feet further...trainer suggested as I'm Grace's "herd" at home, she may just test me a bit more as she would her herd. Just a thought she threw out there.  I suggested that Grace understands that trainer knows more than I. 

Grace is very senative to your leg, so I need to work on keeping my leg off. She has a naturally higher headset, I need to learn to place my hands a few inches higher than I'm used to, to accommodate that, particularly when gaiting. She doesn't know how to back under saddle, she didn't in hand either. So we need to work more on that on the ground & then in saddle. 
Trainer feels that even as novice as "I feel I am", that she'll work for me. Thruout the lesson she kept saying how good she is and how much she likes her. She also feels that our weekly lesson, along with working at home will get us where we need to be together. She doesn't  feel that I need to keep Grace there for more intense training. Once we've had a few more lessons, the plan is that I'll ride a lesson horse while trainer rides Grace back on the trails. 
It all went so well, I nearly hugged trainer. I told her I was feeling so much better & I always do after our lesson. 
Grace hopped right back in the trailer, unloaded then went back to be sure her donkeys were still there. Feelin good. 


  1. Nice. You must have felt great about the ride! Irish had ulcers and the treatment was expensive. I actually sorted it with his diet. That might be something to consider.

    1. Also, Carmen gets a bit cinchy when she's in heat so it could be that as well.

    2. We considered that, the time span of symptoms worsening didn't add up as being in season as she'd been here around 7 months then. She'd come with some symptoms: cinchy I put down to the girth galls she came with. Lifting RF, I thought just habit until she stopped the first week of supplementing. Not eating Camryns coarser hay minus alfalfa, she actually refused to take more than a few bites not eating two nights till we found hay she likes. Also the extreme grouch along with spooking began after I'd stopped her alfalfa pellets. I'd given them to help with weight gain. Hope I'm not to confusing.

  2. a way cheaper, but equally effective treatment is a generic omeprazole. i used the company Abler, and the packages that you sprinkle on their supplement - think it is called Abrazole.

    1. Your the 2nd to mention them. Horse people are the best.