Monday, August 15, 2016

Grace & her boy...

Wish Grace hadn't had her fly mask on in the header pic and the following pix I took today...

Definitely some bonding going on here. I often wonder why so many people generalize regarding little girls and horses. Little boys can adore them just as much...

To darn special for words ❤️  Lincoln loves her velvety nose, it really is the softest I've felt too.
Camryn was very good with Lincoln but, if carrots weren't involved she'd dismiss his attentions as so boring. Grace just stood there being worshipped for 20 minutes. 

She's been on the Gastric Aide three days now, a few things I've noticed, including not just that she had patience for Lincoln, she also seemed to enjoy it. Another is from day one, she's held her right leg up the entire bucket of hard feed. Yesterday, she brought it up momentarily, this morning she never held it up. She's not been all "feed me now d#*^ it, either last night or this morning either. Also haven't noted any weaving! 
Had the boys all day, then it began drizzling before I could work her. Haven't worked her since she started the supplement due to our much needed rain. Just as well, give her tummy a chance to really settle. 
I have given thought to some of her behavior possibly her being in season. As Camryn never showed any signs of being "in!"  I'm no pro at knowing. If next month despite the supplement she returns to the Grinch, I guess I'll know?


  1. He definitely seems to love horses. He's lucky that he has you!
    That's good news about the gastric aide. I'm glad that it seems to be working.

  2. I think it's in his blood lol. Fortunately Grace likes the supplement that's helping.

  3. What a sweetheart your mare is. That almost reminds me of when I took my nephew to the barn a few years ago, and put him to work "helping" me muck (it was mostly just holding the broom for me) and he was able to love all over Jet who really likes kids (one of my barn mates has a two year old son that Jet just dotes on ... although admittedly Mitch loves him too because he's convinced said kidlet has carrots for toes.) He was so teeny, and now he's 9, and all big and doesn't want to get near horses. :( Guess I have to wait for nephew #2 to get bigger so I can try again.

  4. I've been fortunate with child loving mares. Lincoln lives to be in the barn, since his little brothers arrival he's not getting to "help" as much. He has his own muck rake, takes twice as long but, so worth it.