Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's the little things...

Sometimes don't the littlest of things just feel so darn good.   Still hot as HE-double hockey sticks here. 
Decided we'd work on the trailer again and the dreaded fly spray. Loading was great, each time is better and better, did the butt bar at the end with no issue. Great way to start our evening.
 Grabbed the fly sprayer (water) a few "heeeelp, it's horse eating acid" jigging awamoments. Then suddenly, she stopped moving away and stood chewing and licking her lips like crazy. I'm like "OMG, she's figuring it out!" I was able to mist her neck and torso on not just one side, but on both sides for the first time!  She was so totally relaxed, even on her off side her head hanging with huge yawns. Lots of goooood girls, hugs and no clicker after the possible "gimme" episode either. 
We then went for our pasture walk, I changed it up a bit by walking super slow, normal, backward. After a few changes she figured out what was up and copied me. Just an awesome evening with my girl. 
Started the day with a lesson this morning. sometimes we work in the arena, today we hit the trail. This time none of us rode bug hating horses. So peaceful and relaxing an all around great day.