Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lesson miscommunication...

Grace & I were to have our third lesson together this morning. Hooked up trailer, loaded tack last night so I wouldn't feel in a rush. Loaded Ms. Grace & down the road we went. Unloaded her, put her in round pen, then went to find trainer.  Apparently she forgot to tell me she'd be in Florida this week. When the barn help realized I'd trailered in for the lesson, their eyes bugged out. I'm guessing they expected an angry outburst. I told them I'd trailered an entire 5 acres, so really not a biggie. Plus, it did Grace good to have another off property outing no matter how short it was. We chatted while Grace chilled in the round pen a bit, a handsome gelding was led by. She called out "Hay, good lookin!"  Then danced about, tail up trying to look good. Still don't know how to tell when/if she's in season. This may have been it, as last week, she only glanced at a passing gelding even after he'd called out to her.
I ordered an Ulcer treatment that had been recommended by a fellow blogger along with a few other people from Alber in Canada. It's sooooo much more cost effective and has good feedback. Will take a bit to get here, also Smartpaks Smartgut supplement is on the way. It will be easier to deal with during the winter than our current liquid supplement.
Attaching a video of her supervising my cleaning blown down tree branches this afternoon. She was my shadow the entire time. I'd stop, she'd stop, such a sweetie she is. Hanging out yesterday with her head on my shoulder yawning in my ear over and over. Mmmmmmm, that's good isn't it?

The neighbor donkeys were moved today, the goats this evening. The new neighbors I understand are getting goats.  I sure hope Grace is OK in the interim with just the trainers boarders in the distance. Today was the first time she's not run back to see the donkeys after unloading from her trailer.
Fingers, paws and hooves all crossed.

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